Tam Tad : Time of Togetherness

An architect’s workflow is directly intertwined with society and culture. Indisputably, the most important aspect of Thai culture that clearly illustrates the identity of the Thai people is its cuisine. The theme or concept of Architect’23 is therefore taken from the name of the dish “Tam Tad” to represent the combination of all disciplines of the architects, as well as collaboration among different professions. Architect’23 will be an effective platform for professionals and those who are interested in architecture to share knowledge and experiences in order to help improve certain elements and workflow for the benefit of all.

Architect’23 marks the first time that this annual exposition has five co-organizing chairs from five professional associations, including 1. The Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage (ASA) 2. Thailand’s Interior Designers’ Association (TIDA) 3. Thai Association of Landscape Architects (TALA) 4. Thai Urban Designers Association (TUDA) and 5. Architect Council of Thailand (ACT).  This is yet another new type of work which demonstrates the concept of collaboration across all professions.

This is an important gathering of four professions specializing in environmental design for the mission of building a more sustainable society and a more sustainable world, similar to the “tam” dish, in which a variety of ingredients are mixed to satisfy diners’ preferences. Only this time, the diners, referring to people living in this world and society, are motivated by the power of social movements while confronting challenges of the times.

This “Tum Tad” has a body of knowledge and innovation as its ingredients, seasoned with expertise and cooperation, and mixed with science and art. A successful Tum Tad, in this sense, needs collaboration from designers in all four architectural fields, who must work together to create a better society and world for all. You are cordially invited to join the seasoning of “Tum Tad” and build the world in a way that fit our preference at Architect’23.