Modernize your home with SCG Prestige X-Shield Slim, ultra-slim flat concrete roof tile from SCG in architect’22

“The slimmer, the cooler: the ultimate slimness, smoothness, coolness and vividity”

For homeowners looking for new alternatives in customizing your home to your own unique style, SCG’s Prestige X-Shield SLIM flat concrete roof tile might just be what you need.  This slimmest flat concrete roof tile characterizes the distinctive flat-roof quality of modern homes.  The slimmer, the more it reflects the balance between minimalist design and quality and functionality, which are key principles of modern homes.

Slimmer, only 19 mm. thick, creating finer lines while maintaining same strength

SCG’s Prestige X-Shield SLIM flat concrete roof tile boasts its superior slimness.  With only 19 mm thick, it is about 28% slimmer than other brands of flat concrete roof tile.  The roof is also lighter, weighing only 4.9 kg but still maintains the same strength, made possible by a new production formula.

Smooth surface, adding a modern look to your home

A new dimension of surface: smooth, sleek and modern. SCG’s Prestige X-Shield SLIM flat concrete roof tile comes with a smoother surface, adding a precise, cool, unique look in every angle. Other flat concrete roof tile has a rough surface like an orange peel.

3 times more long-lasting color vividity with X-Shield technology, boosting paint adhesion  

In addition to being slim and smooth, the color of SCG’s Prestige X-Shield SLIM concrete roof is specially designed to be 3 times more long-lasting than general concrete roof with “X-Shield Technology”, a special formula of color coating innovation.
This new formula helps increase the adhesion of painting and coating layers, solidly merging the molecules between the two layers, resulting in a roof with sleek design and vivid color, responding well to the cost-effectiveness of modern homes.

Not only opens a new dimension in fine lines, smoothness, slimness and long-lasting color, SCG’s Prestige X-Shield SLIM concrete roof also opens a new door for modern design with 2 shades of dark-tone colors, Dark Gray and Choco Brown, offering alternatives for homeowners to perfectly reflect their own style.

Modern homes and Nordic-style homes are homes with functionality, minimalistic design and simple, sleek, neat lines. Choosing the right flat roof with a perfect design and suitable properties are therefore the best option. SCG’s Prestige X-Shield SLIM concrete roof offers a new alternative for modern homes with its slimmest concrete roof with smooth surface and long-lasting color in a range of shades, helping you accomplish your dream of having a modern home which is truly comfortable and functional.

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from SCG at architect’22

Experience the innovative SCG’s Prestige X-Shield SLIM concrete roof, a new dimension of “the slimmest flat concrete roof” for modern homes as well as innovative building materials from SCG, along with a consulting and servicing team at booth no. S307 at architect’22, the 34th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during April 26 – May 1, 2022 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

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