The architecture designs with the CO-WITH CREATORS workflow’s concept will be included in the Architect Expo 2022 as the exposition’s theme. One of the main reasons why this concept is considered is the attractiveness of the design workflow in the “Co-Creation” concept among professionals from various fields, such as collaboration of architects and landscape architects, architects and artists, architects and light designers, architects and fashion designers, architects and photographers, or architects and other related creators. As a result, the architectural work can be created with a variety of perspectives derived from various ideas. Furthermore, the Architect Expo 2022 is a knowledge-sharing platform where participants can distribute knowledge and update technology trends from others on the workflow under the CO-WITH CREATORS concept between architects and creators in other fields in order to bring out each party’s outstanding potential to apply to the work of architects in a dependent way. The expo’s content presentation will demonstrate how various professionals’ collaborative design work can best result in architectural works for mutual benefit.

More importantly, this is the first time that the Architect Expo 2022 has three co-chairmen from three regions, which is one of the new workflow formats that represents the concept of “CO – WITH CREATORS” of all architects in every part of Thailand.