Why KALEA Lifts has captured the hearts of customers for over 120 years?

Maintaining the popularity and trust from consumers for more than 100 years is certainly not an easy feat for product and service providers. If the products and after-sales service do not meet desired standard and quality, the consumers are the ones who decide the fate of these products, but somehow, KALEA Lifts has managed to be popular among customers!

KALEA Lifts: customers have long been worth it

KALEA Lifts features a long history. It was founded in 1898 in Gothenburg, Sweden, as a small electrical company. In 1930, the company began manufacturing custom traction lifts and became one of the largest lift manufacturers in Sweden, also exporting lifts to neighboring Scandinavian countries. The company later shifted to developing screw-driven home lifts with shaft as it is considered the safest and most space-efficient system for home installations.

KALEA Lifts opened a branch in Thailand in 2020 directly from Sweden and has installed more than 200 lift units nationwide and continues to do so.

KALEA Lifts, safest home lifts with European standards

Screw-driven home lifts are the safest lifts compared to other types available on the market. The lifts manufactured in Europe must be meticulously designed to comply with the strictest European safety standards such as automatic emergency stop system, battery back-up in case of power failure, keyhole to open the lift door and telephone to ask for assistance in case of emergency. All of these requirements are to ensure that lifts are safe for the handicapped and the elderly.

Most importantly, the standard specification for KALEA screw-driven lifts is EN 81-41, and SIL-3 is also inspected in all concerned areas. Be assured that KALEA lifts from Sweden has the highest level of safety standards certified by various European standards prior to manufacturing.

KALEA Lifts and its continuous development of the screw system

The internal hardware and software system of screw-driven home lifts play an essential role in its longevity and ease of long-term maintenance. Therefore, KALEA Lifts has continued to develop its screw systems to the current 4 generations to achieve the best screw-driven lifts as follows:

• Generation 1 (manufactured in 1990) is a mechanical lift which has been discontinued both manufacturing and distribution as its system is obsolete and difficult to maintain. However, some brands of screw lifts still manufacture and distribute this generation of lifts.

• Generation 2 (manufactured in 2017) Cicon (Smart Lift) is suitable for public lifts as it mainly focuses on the usability, not on the design. This type of lift is energy-saving and requires maintenance only twice a year.

• Generation 3 (manufactured in 2019) Ecosilent is suitable for home lifts as it can be customized to match the design and style of the house. It is characterized by low noise, saving more electricity and requiring maintenance only once a year.

• Generation 4 (manufactured in 2022) Ecosilent 2.0 is suitable for home lifts with its smart solutions, a variety of modern customized designs and functions, such as child lock system, sound control system such as music listening, status updates and maintenance or even increase the speed of the lift (within the safety standard of the screw system).

KELEA does not stop developing its screw system home lifts with both platform lifts and cabin lifts to provide only the best solutions for customers.

Premium quality materials to manufacture lifts

A quality home lift should have a long service life of 25-30 years as family members must be able to use it for several generations. Therefore, the materials used in the manufacturing of lifts are crucial.

For this reason, KALEA uses only premium-grade materials with premium standard from USA and Europe to manufacture lifts with high standard and quality, for instance, the shaft is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, premium powder coating from Austria, lift wall from USA and hand-sewn genuine leather from Italy, etc. These excellent quality materials prolong the service life of the lifts.

Excellent after-sales service from KALEA

X80 Standard

For products and services to be trusted by customers over a period of more than 120 years, KALEA does not only consider sales, but also attaches great importance to its after-sales service. As the service life of lifts is 25-30 years, the high standard aftersales care is therefore just as essential, such as a 24-hour hot line to ask for assistance in case of emergency and lifetime maintenance with KALEA’s specialized team of technicians trained in Sweden. KALEA does not outsource any technicians to ensure that our customers will always have the expertise and experience from KALEA’s own technicians to maintain their lifts at all times.

KALEA is well aware that purchasing a home lift is just the beginning. That is precisely the reason why KALEA works hard on both the products and services to ensure that KALEA Value’s promise of a lifetime warranty on its lifts is fulfilled. KALEA is committed to deliver services worthy of its reputation which has been around for a long time and will always remain.

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