Stop 5 frustrating causes of a slow draining shower with highly-recommended solutions that will make you as happy as you have always been.

“The shower water doesn’t flow as strongly as it could,” causing the shower to be unhappy and dissatisfied each time. I believe that many people have had similar experiences.

You will no longer be concerned because we have explored the best solutions to restore your shower’s functionality. Are you ready? Here we go!

Causes and Solutions

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Clogging of shower drain

After a while, we will undoubtedly notice a buildup of dirt and sediments contaminated with the water, which are frequently embedded in the shower head, hose, and pipe. As a result, the shower is less effective, and the water flow is not as strong as it should be.

How to solve?

Clean it up! Remove your shower head and thoroughly rinse it. If there is little dirt, simply use tap water. However, soaking in the solution is recommended if the clog is larger than the capacity of your old toothbrush. If you’re short on time, soak it for 4-5 hours. Leave it for one night if you are not in a hurry. Then scrub it away. These stains will be removed.

We recommend using vinegar mixed with water to make the shower cleaning solution. Cleaning the shower drain with baking soda is another best option.

Low water pressure in a shower

A common issue for an old house is low water pressure, which can be caused by a variety of factors such as a water pump that is too small and does not provide enough pressure for the resident’s use. If you take a shower and someone else is doing laundry or washing dishes at the same time, the water will undoubtedly flow slowly if the pump delivers insufficient power.

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How to fix it?

The best option is to replace it with a more powerful one. Customers can consult expert technicians at the housing project or through various applications that can be seen in general to evaluate and buy replacements to suit members of the house, number of floors, and spots that can be activated as well to provide enough pressure and makes the shower flow strong even when the water is turned on at the same time!

Admin recommends “Jet boosters,” self-priming single-stage centrifugal pumps from the Grundfos camp that include a pressure tank. This pressure booster was developed for a wide range of garden and home applications. This includes pumping and transferring water duties. When the water runs out, you can have confidence in the protection system. Visit its website at

The water heater is broken

Many people don’t really expect a problem caused by a malfunctioning water heater to have an effect on low water flow. The majority of them will encounter “leakage” of the water heater pot. This causes the water to flow to the shower leak, resulting in a low flow.

If the appliance is in good condition. Let’s take a look at the water heater’s filter, whether or not there is sediment or dirt clogged because this is also one of the reasons for low water pressure.

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How to fix it?

To avoid electric shock, first turn off the water heater’s cutout. After that, inspect the filter to see if it is dirty. Following that, clean it. If the water still flow slowly, the money should then be spent to solve the problem. Buy a new one! Problems that irritate you will be resolved immediately.

But hold on! It is not guaranteed that after replacing it, the problem will not arise again. The water heater should be checked on a regular basis. Because if it is ignored, the shower will flow less powerfully. Most importantly, using a faulty water heater may endanger one’s life. Warning!

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Excessive water filtration system

Isn’t having multiple layers of water filtration systems superb? Yes, it is satisfactory. Because it enables you to use clean, safe water while filtering impurities contaminated with water. However, because the water must pass through many layers of filters, it may cause the water to flow slowly. When the water comes out of the shower, it flows slowly, which is similar to the problem we had.

How to fix it?

To avoid this issue, install a shower with only 1-2 layers of water filtration system or reduce the filter layer to less than the existing shower so that the water can flow faster through the filter. Your shower will regain its original flow.

Your shower is disgusting!

If the problems are not caused by anything other than the first thing mentioned by the administrator. You can assume that the shower you are using is not of ISO 9000 quality, does not pass the TIS, does not pass the pressure test, is made of poor materials, and has a design that does not meet your needs at all. As a result, the water flows slowly and not as expected.

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How to fix it?

The simplest solution is to replace it! However, it is recommended that you choose a shower that is of high quality and made of standard materials. If you get a good shower brand, your everyday shower will be like a heavenly moment of relaxation.

If you, the reader, are looking for a new shower, admin recommends KARAT Enterprise, which has an excellent quality shower, neat materials, an elegant design, and a classy look that will enrich your showering moments.

Karat Faucet, a wall-mounted mixer tap with a rain shower set and a hand shower with 5 levels of water adjustment.

Karat Faucet is made of 304 stainless steels with a chrome finish, providing a polished, weather-resistant, anti-rust, aesthetic, and modern design. Flow Rate: 5.2 Liters/minute @ 1 Bar for a hand shower. Flow Rate: 6.8 Liters/minute @ 1 Bar for a shower head. It includes a ceramic valve with a lifetime leakage guarantee! (If there is a problem with the valve).

Will it be a soft black hand shower? Suitable for those who want to shower with intensity and elegance, adjustable to three levels of water, and made of ABS material with a long-lasting PVC hose. Flow Rate: 6.0 Liters/minute @ 1 Bar. Anyone can install it because it is so simple!

Administrator is pleased to recommend the Karat Faucet, a wall-mounted mixer tap (Thermostatic) with rain shower set, shower head size 25 x 25 cm, to those who like glossy. There is a Thermostatic heat control system to keep the temperature from rising above 37 degrees. Flow Rate: 4.6 Liters/minute @ 1 Bar (hand shower) Flow Rate: 7.0 Liters/minute @ 1 Bar (hard shower) It includes a ceramic valve with a lifetime leakage guarantee! (If there is a problem with the valve).

Pay close attention to the shower because it is a device that we must use on a regular basis in the shower. Investing in high-quality materials will contribute to a more pleasurable showering experience. Refresh and ready for a new day.

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