Technology Spotlights

With experience in metal roofing, steel, and thermal insulation, every suggestion and advice from the customers are therefore the important factor for T.A.S. Corporation CO., LTD. to invent and research products under I-SAFE AND GOOD (Innovation Safe Accountable Future Excellent and Good Corporate Governance) products for everyone, with continuous and sustainable development. Mr. Thanakorn Siriwattanalert […]

JORAKAY is the first brand of paint that uses 100% natural limestone as its raw material. It is natural, highly safe, odorless, and not harmful to residents and the environment. It was first introduced at Architect’23 and received rave reviews. JORAKAY features 4 types of products: Natural Color is the paint which uses natural raw […]

It is not easy to handle the weather that is getting hotter every day. When the outside temperature starts to rise, it often causes heat to accumulate inside the building, causing users to experience physical discomfort, and furniture or belongings inside the building to deteriorate. Innovative synthetic rubber insulation under the brand “AERO-ROOF” from Aeroflex […]

The present day comes with several technologies which can further elevate the quality of life in the home. Installing a home lift may be one of the best options for homeowners as it provides freedom and safety and allows users to travel safely between floors without having to climb stairs. With over 75 years of […]

     The operation system of elevator has progressed with time. It is important that elevator companies have Research and Development  department. With this, new functions are invented each year to invent new functions each year for new innovations that emphasize safety and modernity with outstanding and unique design. Kalea Lift offers the following state-of-the-art […]

“Kitchen…an essential part of the house” If you love to cook, more emphasis will be placed on the kitchen. It is undeniable that sometimes, cooking becomes less enjoyable because the kitchen does not feature suitable functions, in terms of design and size.      Zelection Kitchen, an expert in kitchen products, considers this as the […]

Wire rod is a material made of high-quality steel and standard low carbon steel wire. With high temperature heating, the solidity of the wire can be controlled during the annealing process. Steel wire is mainly used in the construction industry, with its flexibility, it is widely used. There are many types of steel wire, which […]

Thailand’s first manufacturer and exporter of expanded metal since 1967 V&P expanded metal committed to developing products, only the best for customers Expanded metal: popular building material Expanded metal is for use in building façade and decoration, as well as other types of work in a variety of ways. The product is equipped with high-quality […]

TYK Group is a leading company in glass innovation, both interior and exterior design, whose products are trusted by leading projects. With more than 50 years of experience in the glass industry, TYK Group is committed to continuously developing its innovation in terms of raw materials and the use of modern technology. This aligns with […]