When the natural streak of golden teak wood is fused with WOODZENSE’s unique design, offering the feeling of modern-luxury, with simplicity of the homey style, resulting in home furniture with unique design and functionality.       From superior design to the development of a variety of products by adding products under the brand that focuses […]

The eco-friendly trend continues to gain popularity. Most people in the society value nature, including house decoration or projects. There are methods that vary according to personal preferences, whether adding green space to the home such as planting trees or choosing natural colors in the desired area and choosing stone-like tiles is another popular decoration […]

     Building a house filled with inspirations, sparking a thrill of enchantment with a perfect blend of classy luxury on the surface opens new sensation of the peaceful and simple world of quartz slabs, before experiencing the alluring surface of VADARA products by yourself. Transform your home with classy quartz slabs       […]

      Join in awakening the trend of environmental conservation in the design-construction industry. Let’s take up position on the principle of ‘sustainability’ from telling stories of innovations that improve the quality of life of consumers.       How do you define the word ‘sustainability’? For the author, after having sat and interviewed with various brands which […]

Laminate is considered a popular choice for decorative surface during the present day as the appearance can be customized to your needs, pattern, color and texture, which are similar to natural materials. As its popularity increases, the number of manufacturers and importers of laminates also increases. LSX is one of the companies with over 20 […]

‘Gelato’ is a brand of tiles and sanitary ware with bright, vivid, fun and bold character. If we dig deep into the behind-the-scene, there are hundreds of stories hidden under each tile, with ‘Boonthavorn’, an expert in the tile industry, as a supporter pushing for the Gelato brand to help residential and commercial spaces such […]

It is well known that Architect Expo is ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition. To emphasize just how large the expo is, in this article, we would like to invite readers to get to know KIN LONG, a leading company in the production and distribution of construction hardware, which answers the need of every use, from […]

From the fascination with the intricate and exquisite craftsmanship produced by villagers in Northeastern Thailand arose the inspiration the create works that are succinctly Thai, along with upcycling materials, resulting in high-end bespoke carpets sophistically created by The Carpet Maker. With interesting concepts and product was born an exchange of ideas.      MR. Soonthorn […]

On the days when the weather affects the quality of life, serene and dreamy scenery inevitably influences the emotional well-being. Selection of quality products to improve the quality of life is something too delicate to describe. With said issue in mind, we would like to pass on the perspective woven into this interview from a […]

In an era where laminate is the most popular material for decorating floors and walls, from the need to discover new flooring materials to fulfill and solve a variety of issues, all of this culminates in the ROCOCO brand, vinyl flooring of French standard quality by M-RICH CORPORATION CO., LTD. Today, we have sat down […]

Read the interview from Khun Chutidech Chalermpong, Chief Executive Officer and Khun Pimpaporn Temsuk-anan, Managing Director of FUTURETECH INTERMARKETING Co., Ltd., who will take everyone on a ride to know furniture fittings with limitless design, fulfilling every idea, no matter big or small. A Thai brand that gives freedom in every area of your home […]

On the days that you wish to spend time doing activities with your family, cooking and dining together is another great choice to strengthen family bonds. The “kitchen” is not just an indispensable area for cooking, it is also a space which connects family members. Currently, there are several brands of kitchen installation materials, which […]

“GLASTEN: The Modern Luxury Windows and Doors Doors and windows with a unique and sleek design, hidden with technology that helps meet the needs of modern doors and windows, durable and usable.” This definition reflecting the identity of the GLASTEN door and window brand was perfectly captured by Pisit Jiraphakul, Managing Director of Glasten (Thailand) […]

It is undeniable that current way of living is intricately intertwined with the use of technology and innovation that facilitates and is involved in every step of life, from waking up to studying, working, and spending free time with stress-relieving activities such as exercising, watching movies, and listening to music. To understand these technologies and […]

The term “house” is defined as a residential building. It is a place that provides you warmth and comfort, which foster feelings of love and good relationship among family members. The construction process can be arranged in sequence from design, construction, and overall evaluation of the work to the very last stage of delivery to […]

     “Stone” is one of the materials with various benefits and uses since the ancient day. With human evolution, stone is classified as a material used in architectural decoration with different patterns according to the type of stone.        Presently, stone is popular among the construction industry. With its sleek, luxurious and […]

Join in the conversation with ‘DJI’, a well-known brand of distributor of unmanned aerial vehicle technology products and services among drone flyers. All questions will be answered by one of the executives from the company that distributes the innovation, Khun Sakun Ariyachotima, Project Manager, Thai Sky Vision Company Limited. Why did Thai Sky Vision decide […]

Heat is an issue that Thai people cannot avoid as Thailand has a hot climate almost all year round and the temperature is likely to continue to increase. Therefore, keeping your house cool is one of the issues that designers should consider in order to lessen such impact on the well-being of the residents. Certainly, […]

     Presently, Thailand is entering the aging society like several other countries. Lift is an innovation which has accommodated people’s lives for years. Therefore, installing a lift in your home is not such an uncommon issue anymore. During this time and in the future, we will see more home lifts being installed. KALEA LIFT: […]

Among the popular trends in choosing products for renovating and decorating homes, one element that stands out with its unusual colors and patterns in decorating the floor and wall is ‘tiles’, which definitely pops up in the mind of home decorators.   With this introduction, prepare to experience and learn more about tiles, which is […]

‘Others see floor, we see MORE’ is a business motto which can be speculated as having something to do with the floor and wall decoration industry. This phrase from people in the industry ignites within us the need to search for, inquire, connect issues to see more in every dimension of this innovation. From almost […]

The logistics business has blossomed once again after becoming stagnant and disappeared from the business scene during the pandemic, which slows the economy where people are stuck in their houses and business operations are slow. However, after such crisis passes and the situation returns to normal, the consumption of various types of goods has returned […]

More than 30 years ago, during the time when businesses were encouraged to use materials other than wood, plastic or PVC products have become the best alternative as it answers the most needs. From increased competitiveness among players in the market as well as higher cost, “BATHIC” decided to transform itself from a trading company […]

Immerse yourself in the blissful atmosphere which is in the air along with the smell of ingredients and the clanking of pans. While this picture may not be cooking, it is another aspect that goes behind the scenes of cooking: “Kitchen Set”, which we guarantee is as important and delicate as the care that goes […]