During the time when users’ lifestyles are broadcasted through every corner of their living space, including the bathroom, WSP, a brand of bathroom accessories trusted by Thai people for 30 years, believes that bathroom accessories can convey the personality of users with taste. The WSP brand began by importing bathroom products from Taiwan. Let’s unlock […]

CNP Plastic Industry Company Limited, as a leading company in the vinyl material industry and product manufacturer and distributor of vinyl rain gutters and roof sheets under the VG brand, is ready for this year’s Architect Expo. VG is assured in its confidence among the target group by collaborating with leading partners in a total […]

Entertainment from movie or music provides a space for relaxation. Just going out, whether to visit tourist destinations or meeting at department stores, is considered a leisure activity. This includes a popular place like movie theaters. But what will it be like if we could have a movie theater into our house without having to […]

Step into the future with Smart Home technology that will transform your residence to be even more perfect, with a smart system from the LTECH brand, as the LTECH Smart Home System, designed to meet the needs of modern users with preference for modernity and convenience as a house is not just a place to […]

Enhance the quality of life with brightness from L&E brand lighting products with the commitment to facilitate daily life and promote the quality of life. With current innovation and technology, L&E has adapted to meet the needs of users and keep up with trends. These are all the goals set by L&E. Experience this lighting […]

     Over the course of 47 years in the aluminum business of Thai Thaworn Metal Co., Ltd. before changing its name to Thai Aluminum Work Co., Ltd., it is a factory that meets standards in industrial products, earning TIS certification. It is also the first factory in Thailand to produce aluminum rods, with a […]

     When hearing “TPI”, many may think of cement, ready-made mortar, or building materials related to structural work, plastering, and masonry. However, upon getting to know the brand, you will realize that in addition to the above-mentioned products, TPI also features others related to building materials.      Get to know the TPI brand […]

     When talking about tools for Asians, the name MAKITA must definitely be among the brands. With designs created to suit the Asian physique, MAKITA, a brand of hand tools from Japan, has won the hearts of users for over 109 years, from its founding to the present. In Thailand, it has been 55 […]

CEBOS COLOR, paint and coating products from Italy, has been launched in Thailand by Nakkarat Project Management Co., Ltd. with the commitment to offer high quality options for various industries, including construction, architecture and design. As a leading brand that stands out in wall decoration, the brand’s products must therefore go through innovative research. In […]

Design is the first thing that the user perceives. Creating a uniquely distinctive image is I-SPA’s mission. With more than 30 years of experience, Bathroom Design I-SPA Co., Ltd. is a leading company in bathtub and whirlpool products in Thailand with designs and awards both in Thailand and international. Let’s discover the factors and differences […]

     Smart Glass is a brand established for more than 30 years under Well Glass Supply Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of premium grade aluminum doors and windows. Smart Glass provides services in painting, powder coating, and wood finishing and patterning, with its own unique designs. This year, Smart Glass is ready to launch a […]

When talking about turn-key solution brands in the construction and housing industry, SCG-Thailand’s largest industrial conglomerate is a household name known among both inner and outer circles. At Architect’24, SCG is fully prepared to showcase 10 famous brands in construction and housing by presenting highlight innovations in response to 3 trends: SPACE – SMART – […]

Break the boundary of wooden doors with products from KEEREE. With its sleek designs and made-to-order sizes, the KEEREE brand is widely known. Discover ideas and special highlights at the event with Khun Chananya Panakijkul, Director of Keeree Door and Panel Co., Ltd. and KTH Wood Co., Ltd., and Khun Anchana Singharatanaphan, Director of Keeree […]

GEHAUSE Living Co., Ltd. has been established since 1996. For 28 years, GEHAUSE began importing high quality uPVC raw materials of German standard, which has outstanding features in terms of durability, appearance, luxury, and resistance to all environmental conditions, as well as the design, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service. At present, uPVC GEHAUSE door and […]

     Yuasa is one of the building product brands from the Land of the Rising Sun to be debuted at the Architect Expo. The brand’s goal is to expand the business to the next level and create more brand value. With total solutions construction products, Yuasa has long been a trusted brand in Japan. […]

     MR.POOL swimming pool equipment, which answers the needs of both general use and therapy, has shared with us that participating as one of the exhibitors at the Architect Expo is a stepping-stone to reaching more target groups. MR. POOL has observed that the current market has a need for products or services in […]

     It can be said that the home decoration trends over the past few years come in various styles, whether minimalist, Scandinavian, modern or according to homeowners’ preferences. Today we will take you on a tour of the showroom of ‘MAHAJAK’ kingdom, an importer and distributor of audio, lighting, and image technology products from […]

     Choosing a home building company is a crucial step in building a house. A good home construction company will help save the budget, finish the house on time and receive a quality house that meets the homeowner’s needs. Therefore, researching information about homebuilders before deciding to use their services is a process that […]

‘Screw’ is the main product of TAITA. After making its debut at Architect’23, TAITA is back, determined to create something different by developing products to meet the needs of the target group as comprehensively as possible, while sparking the interest among the general public who have never used TAITA products before. Unlocking the key to […]

As Thailand’s climate is hot and humid, the heat from sunlight and rainfall throughout the year can certainly not be avoided. Installing a canvas or awning is another option for those with the need to maintain a cool atmosphere, free from sun and rain. One crucial aspect to consider in installing an awning or canvas […]

Join us in gaining a new experience with thin bricks from Feldhaus Klinker, a manufacturer and distributor from Germany, who has delivered a full array of products and technology at Architect’24. With over 165 years of experience in the industry, Feldhaus Klinker has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of thin bricks. Besides its outstanding […]

Nowadays, the lifestyle and needs of users vary depending on trends to meet the needs of users of all ages and to improve the quality of life. This is the core principle adhered by Panel Plus. Join us in discovering ideas that leads Panel Plus to never stop developing products to fully meet the needs […]

When talking about “laminate”, many may probably think of decorative surface with natural-looking colors and patterns. Presently, with innovative development, laminates come with unique styles, patterns, and more diverse features to suit the needs of consumers. Explore the abilities and uniqueness of laminate with decorative surface materials, Khun Wichien Asawaworaritt, Managing Director, TAK Products and […]

Update the latest trends in power tools from DEWALT, the world’s top tool brand, with the most compact brushless drill in DEWALT’s 18V (20V MAX) system, special edition celebrating the 100th anniversary, making it even more convenient, but stronger than ever! Explore cordless technology from DEWALT, a hand tool brand that catches the eye with […]

       Presently, the number of the elderly population is increasing. As a result, the demand for residential lifts has grown accordingly because the safety of the elderly or people who with the need for wheelchairs is taken into account for mobility and universal access. This is Ultimate Lift’s consideration that leads to its […]

     When talking about the current locking mechanism system, there is a wide variety of innovation developments, both materials and operating systems. For locking mechanisms, whether for cabinets, doors, or furniture, with products of high standard, the service life will be longer, ensuring safety for the life and property of users.       Cyber Lock […]

       When technology becomes an integral part of the lighting industry, creating a difference is a factor that attracts users’ attention. Highlighting the premium and complete service with the slogan ‘On-Site service within 24 hours’ is True Light’s. Come join us in analyzing the brand’s vision with Khun Anon Phiromlapa, CEO, and Khun […]

From participating in Architect’23, ASIA knows more about the demands of the target group and use such knowledge to distribute its products to the construction and real estate industry. The information gained is also used to reach the end-user group, which means closer relationship to customers rather than through distributors. The ASIA brand has used […]

 When talking about a “lift,” the first image that comes to mind is probably a rectangular room with steel walls, giving off a solid, stifling feeling. This machine will be activated when we tap a button on the front and press a floor number on the panel inside, for this labor-saving device to travel up […]

     In an era where user needs are constantly changing, directly and efficiently responding getting the needs of the target group directly is paramount. Such is the goal set by the ZOUND brand under 1-TO-ALL Co., Ltd. Let’s discuss more with Khun Vasavas Nonsopa, Chief Executive Officer, 1-TO-ALL Co., Ltd.      ZOUND is […]

The eco-friendly trend continues to gain popularity. Most people in the society value nature, including house decoration or projects. There are methods that vary according to personal preferences, whether adding green space to the home such as planting trees or choosing natural colors in the desired area and choosing stone-like tiles is another popular decoration […]

     Building a house filled with inspirations, sparking a thrill of enchantment with a perfect blend of classy luxury on the surface opens new sensation of the peaceful and simple world of quartz slabs, before experiencing the alluring surface of VADARA products by yourself. Transform your home with classy quartz slabs       […]

      Join in awakening the trend of environmental conservation in the design-construction industry. Let’s take up position on the principle of ‘sustainability’ from telling stories of innovations that improve the quality of life of consumers.       How do you define the word ‘sustainability’? For the author, after having sat and interviewed with various brands which […]

Laminate is considered a popular choice for decorative surface during the present day as the appearance can be customized to your needs, pattern, color and texture, which are similar to natural materials. As its popularity increases, the number of manufacturers and importers of laminates also increases. LSX is one of the companies with over 20 […]