Smart Glass reveals technology to reduce pollution from powder coating doors and windows, ready to launch special highlights at Architect’24

     Smart Glass is a brand established for more than 30 years under Well Glass Supply Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of premium grade aluminum doors and windows. Smart Glass provides services in painting, powder coating, and wood finishing and patterning, with its own unique designs. This year, Smart Glass is ready to launch a new style of doors and windows, as well as exchange ideas on environmental conservation through importing machinery from Europe to reduce waste from painting to be released to the environment.

Covers all aspects of both service and design

     If talking about today’s door-window options, there are a wide variety to choose from. However, from exchanging ideas with Khun Chawit Pruksasanti, Managing Director, Well Glass Supply Co., Ltd., it became clear to us of the brand’s distinctive position that makes customers trust and choose to use Smart Glass.

     “Our slogan is MORE THAN JUST A WINDOW because the Smart Glass brand is service and design to deliver to customers. Smart Glass is not just strong and standard doors and windows, it also gives advice and assistance to homeowners and designers, providing suggestions to meet the needs of every design even more.”

Every advice makes your business grow

     Over the past 30 years, there have been doubts that aside from service and design, what are other factors that secure Smart Glass as a strong contender in the aluminum door-window business. Khun Chawit answered that, “what makes Smart Glass still in business until now? Part of this comes from the fact that the brand listens to every suggestion and feedback, which leads to development that goes hand in hand with the progress of the society. For instance, attending the Architect Expo makes it possible to exchange ideas directly with users. That’s why this year, the brand is ready to launch a product called slim sliding doors, which can hold glass of various sizes. This will be displayed at Architect’24 as well.”

Smart Glass and perspective on business competition

      When talking about competition and competitors in the same market, whether domestic or international, it all affects business operations. Khun Chawit gave his perspective on having competitors that, “competition is good because manufacturers will develop better products and consumers receive products that better meet their needs. For Smart Glass, the adaptation would probably be in the design aspect that will try to develop to satisfy users even more. The brand features a design team to ensure the design is accessible to customers as well.”

     “In addition to design, we also focus on services to win the hearts of customers. Smart Glass’ service is to discuss and give advice to customers in selecting products. This is to ensure that the chosen products are suitable for the house and respond to the needs of the customers. From talking with customers who have used Smart Glass’ services, most are impressed with the service because with doors and windows, the services do not end at installation. The brand also provides consulting to recommend customers about steps after installation to ensure long-lasting use.”

Technology to reduce pollution from powder coating for a sustainable nature

     With production process, Smart Glass is another brand that adheres to the Green concept. “When talking about materials related to sustainability trends, more than 70% of aluminum used today can be used for years in the future because of the material’s durability. As for powder coating, Smart Glass believes that with general powder-coating, it will create pollution to the environment. The brand therefore imports machinery from Europe for powder-coating, which will reduce air pollution for environmentally-friendliness.”

Highlights ready to debut at Architect’24

     Countdown to Architect’24, various brands never miss out on showcasing their products and creative innovations. The same can be said for Smart Glass. “The highlight this year is the curved door with a wooden pattern. The material is aluminum, which, let’s be honest, bending can be very difficult. That’s why most of the manufacturers do not produce aluminum in the curved form. There are some bending machines on the market, but no brand has achieved the wooden pattern yet. Smart Glass is the only brand which produces curved wooden pattern doors. There are also sliding door products with a brake system, slim sliding doors that can fit glass of various sizes.”

     Discover innovations in doors and windows and experience special highlights from Smart Glass at booth No. D209 at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.