EMHUES launches textile innovation with special properties from recycled materials at Architect’24

     Fabrics can be used in a variety of ways and applications, to enhance the appearance and add elegance to various spaces, while also considering the durability, especially for outdoor fabrics to ensure vivid, bright colors throughout many years of usage in the most challenging weather conditions.

     Let’s get to know decorative fabrics through the perspective of Mr. Kurt De Wilde, executive of EMHUES Co., Ltd., a company specializing in innovative fabric solutions and high-quality textile accessories.

The first step towards Architect’24

     Thailand’s rapid recovery post COVID-19 pandemic has moved forward the growth of various businesses. “In the decision to participate in the Architect Expo this year, EMHUES foresaw that after the pandemic, Thailand is recovering quickly. It shows that the country is prepared to welcome new opportunities. EMHUES wishes to be a part of this development, and therefore, we want to offer the best outdoor fabrics in the Thai market.”

Products reflect identity

     EMHUES offers a portfolio of brands with different distinctive features to satisfy every type of use, “The Agora brand from Spain is a high-quality outdoor fabric, able to withstand challenging weather conditions for several years. It’s also fade resistant, water repellent, mold-resistant, and easy to clean. Another product, Eqodry foam, has the characteristics of being quick-drying, anti-bacterial, durable and fire-resistant. Combining the two, allows EMHUES’ customers to have the best outdoor cushions, offering comfort, beauty and durability.”

EMHUES growth path

     From the conversation, it was learned that EMHUES has been in business for more than 30 years as a foreign company which has expanded its fabric business in Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia. This raises interesting questions regarding the direction of future growth. Mr. De Wilde gave his perspective on business growth that, “with more than 30 years of experience in the business, EMHUES has a good understanding of what our customers want and expect, which includes excellent service professional advice. EMHUES’ market expansion includes design and the development to launch new products will definitely help the business grow further.”

     “In addition, EMHUES is also looking to target its core market: outdoor furniture and cushion manufacturers, upholsterers, awning makers, boat builders and high-end service projects in Southeast Asia to offer high quality products to such businesses.”

Launching products for a green world

Nowadays, the public are paying more attention to environmental conservation. Manufacturing or importing products linked to environmental care has become very popular. EMHUES has given importance to this aspect as well, leading to the development of products in the “Agora” group, a brand represented by EMHUES. Having launched a new collection of recycled fabrics, EMHUES is committed to recycling as much as possible by reusing waste in various applications.”

Preparation for Architect’24

 To prepare for our first year at the Architect Expo, EMHUES has a clear goal of being a part of the decorative textile industry market, “EMHUES is well prepared to reach consumers and the market in Thailand by offering Agora brand products, including recycled fabric, sophisticated new designs and colors. EMHUES also wants to emphasize the importance of high-quality outdoor fabric and foam, which will satisfy customers and last a for many years.”


Experience the innovation of outdoor decorative fabrics with special properties at the EMHUES booth No. F635, at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.