Fabrics can be used in a variety of ways and applications, to enhance the appearance and add elegance to various spaces, while also considering the durability, especially for outdoor fabrics to ensure vivid, bright colors throughout many years of usage in the most challenging weather conditions. Let’s get to know decorative fabrics through the perspective […]

During the time when users’ lifestyles are broadcasted through every corner of their living space, including the bathroom, WSP, a brand of bathroom accessories trusted by Thai people for 30 years, believes that bathroom accessories can convey the personality of users with taste. The WSP brand began by importing bathroom products from Taiwan. Let’s unlock […]

Entertainment from movie or music provides a space for relaxation. Just going out, whether to visit tourist destinations or meeting at department stores, is considered a leisure activity. This includes a popular place like movie theaters. But what will it be like if we could have a movie theater into our house without having to […]

Enhance the quality of life with brightness from L&E brand lighting products with the commitment to facilitate daily life and promote the quality of life. With current innovation and technology, L&E has adapted to meet the needs of users and keep up with trends. These are all the goals set by L&E. Experience this lighting […]

     Join in exchanging business ideas and service, as well as exploring exclusive highlights to be introduced at Architect’24 from EDL and PANAPLAST, brands of decorative surface imported from leading countries through a conversation with Khun Patpimon Chotsawetanan, Managing Director, EDL Laminates Co., Ltd. and Panaplast Laminates Co., Ltd. Get to know quality decorative […]

CEBOS COLOR, paint and coating products from Italy, has been launched in Thailand by Nakkarat Project Management Co., Ltd. with the commitment to offer high quality options for various industries, including construction, architecture and design. As a leading brand that stands out in wall decoration, the brand’s products must therefore go through innovative research. In […]