Experience cinema standard sound system from Golden Duck at Architect’24

     Entertainment from movie or music provides a space for relaxation. Just going out, whether to visit tourist destinations or meeting at department stores, is considered a leisure activity. This includes a popular place like movie theaters. But what will it be like if we could have a movie theater into our house without having to step foot out of this space. This is a concept idea that Golden Duck has developed to become CINEMAGICA. Let’s walk through the interview in a relaxed atmosphere according to the concept with Khun Seidtajak Srisanguansakul, Assistant Director, Business Development, Golden Duck International Company Limited.

     Before delving into the main point, let’s get to know Golden Duck first. The story dates back 40 years ago, Golden Duck started out as a system integrator for movie theaters. Presently, it is behind the success of movie theaters in Thailand and Asia. Later, a variety of services were implemented to meet users’ needs and changing trends. This begins with Show Broadcast for television stations which evolved into Smart Broadcast, which facilitates broadcasting as the signal can be sent directly back to the station and Pro AV, technology that deals with images and sound to 4K resolution cameras. Golden Duck also moves even more into everyday life with the CINEMAGICA brand that brings together all of Golden Duck’s Professionals into residential area, whether the home audio and video system that covers the living room to home audio systems such as Background Music, voice command and the main entertainment like karaoke or Home Theater.

CINEMAGICA, a new safe zone for home lovers

     “Staying at home is like our safe zone. It’s different from going to the movie theater where we go out in search of entertainment in different ways and we can find happiness from within the house.”

     It can be said that owning a cinema standard audio-visual system within the residence is a desire of home lovers. CINEMAGICA, a subsidiary of Golden Duck, provides complete facilities, including the installation, customized designs according to preferences of users as well as the after-sales service to create a Safe Zone area to meet users’ needs.

24-Hour Concierge: 24/7 service

     Reasons that compel the target customers to choose to the brand, in addition to providing comprehensive services, include more than 40 years of experience. Golden Duck also studies technology to answer and solve problems for users. The target group is diverse as explained by Khun Setthachak:

     “Golden Duck is a distributor for dealers, whose target group is in the form of organizations. If looking at it from the perspective of CINEMAGICA, which is a System Integrator that installs, designs, and takes care of after sales, it can be called a turnkey solution for customers and the target group is End-User.”

      Because of the variety of brands under the Golden Duck group, they have offered complete services for every target group. On the other hand, this increases options for users for making decisions to directly satisfy their needs. Another aspect which differentiates the brand is the after-sales service, which is accessible 24 hours every day. Khun Setthachak told us that by bringing the concept of 24/7 service, which is a service under the Golden Duck brand, it ensures that users’ Safe Zone is perfect at all times.

Come back with a new image at Architect’24

     Building on its success in participating as a product exhibitor over the past few years, Golden Duck aims to present the brand in a more intimate light. The brand aims to create an image that can meet the needs of users and offer new imported technology, such as changing the usual appearance of the speakers to be different. Speakers have no need to be black, large, floor-standing, but can be in the form of furniture or home decoration. At this event, Golden Duck has returned with fresh ideas that have never been seen before.

Innovation and new technology at Architect’24

     “Golden Duck brings new technology and innovations which are different from what has been witnessed before to be displayed only at this event. The sound system is immersive audio, with high resolution display. There’s no need to go to the cinema but you can still experience the same thing, that is the highlighted concept at Architect’24 which will be showcased by us,” Khun Setthajak concludes with the highlights of the event.

     Experience superior visual and audio experience like leading movie theaters at the Golden Duck booth No. L103 at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.