VG reinforces its position as a leader in vinyl roof innovation Ready to launch 2 new models at Architect’24

     CNP Plastic Industry Company Limited, as a leading company in the vinyl material industry and product manufacturer and distributor of vinyl rain gutters and roof sheets under the VG brand, is ready for this year’s Architect Expo. VG is assured in its confidence among the target group by collaborating with leading partners in a total exhibition area of over 1,000 m2, along with launching products made from iR-uPVC material, a specific innovation unique to the VG brand, providing superior quality to general vinyl. The VG booth this year features a product display, which has recently launched 2 new models of vinyl roofs, receiving rave reviews.

     The concept of the VG brand and views on the growth of the brand is reflected through an interview with Khun Pokkrong Choknantiphon, Executive Director, CNP Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Expand your experience to meet every need

     Experience from past Architect Expo, in addition to updating trends, technology and products within the building materials market, before further developing products, can also be applied to a marketing perspective as well as guidelines for planning and product development to reach future user groups. As for the main target group, as VG products can meet every need, they are suitable for all target groups. For residential customers, they can be categorized into real estate developers such as project owners, architects, contractors. The next target customer group is the homeowner or the general public who wishes to renovate their residence. It can be said that VG products satisfy every need. The factors that make VG’s products trusted by the target group are: quality and innovation of the VG brand, which features 3 main products: vinyl rain gutters, vinyl roof sheets and vinyl rain drainage chains. Every product has been designed to meet the needs of various users, in terms of installation innovation, whether vinyl rain gutter or roof sheets. The brand has developed the products to be easily installed and durable as well as being resistant to the weather conditions of Thailand. This is another main factor that the target group decides to use VG’s products.

Committed to developing and responding to needs

     Currently, VG continues to grow and is assured that it will continue to grow in the future, including all products under the VG brand that can be used in a variety of ways, responding to the needs of many groups of users. It is a factor that gives VG the potential to grow in the future as VG is a leader in the vinyl industry. Therefore, the brand is committed to inventing and developing products to keep up with world trends and meet the needs of users. This is in line with future market expansion plans.

     “What is certain is that VG will design the product and elevate the quality of innovation even further.” Khun Pokkrong shared with us the direction of VG’s growth.

Turn impact into motivation

     “For the impact on business operations, I think that there are both advantages and vice versa. The impact is about market division. However, I think that having more competitors in the vinyl or uPVC product market is one of the ways to create awareness among users,” said Khun Pokkrong.

     In terms of marketing, certainly, the market share divided by the entry of foreign products is an important issue. Beyond that, VG looks forward to the wider awareness of vinyl products and it is an impetus for the brand to never stop inventing, designing, and developing products to increase its competitiveness in the market to a higher level than before.

Highlights at Architect’24

     In addition to collaborating with leading brands such as TOA, WoodDen, Podium, Technogas, Chaindrite, TOA Electronics and CUCINA GALLERIA as co-partners who collaborate to present products and innovations in the field of architecture, which will definitely create excitement among the visitors. In addition, VG has also released 2 new products:

  1. VG vinyl roof sheet, Winter Roof model, which aims to penetrate the metal roof market at an affordable price with M-uPVC innovation. It comes with good heat dissipation and noise reduction increase beauty with iR-uPVC vinyl material.
  1. VG vinyl roof sheets, Glacier Roof model, vinyl roofs that raise the quality level and new innovations like Hollow Tech, in addition to reducing noise and heat well, it can also cause internal ceilings due to the flat roof under the surface, enhanced durability with the Smart lock Plus installation system and drip edge.

See highlighted products with new innovations invented by VG that will simplify your life, along with many exclusive activities at VG booth No. S103 at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.