I-SPA is ready to launch new products and celebrate its 30th anniversary at Architect’24

     Design is the first thing that the user perceives. Creating a uniquely distinctive image is I-SPA’s mission. With more than 30 years of experience, Bathroom Design I-SPA Co., Ltd. is a leading company in bathtub and whirlpool products in Thailand with designs and awards both in Thailand and international. Let’s discover the factors and differences that lead to the success and outstanding difference of I-SPA in the industry. Delve deeper into the answer with Khun Iad Jarurat, Managing Director of Bathroom Design I-Spa Co., Ltd.

Strikingly different

     The first factor that sets I-SPA’s products apart from other bathtubs and whirlpools on the market, apart from awards in both Thailand and international, is its ceaseless development, in addition to its unique design. I-SPA creates even more fun by collaborating with a giant movie production company like Warner Bros., in designing bathtubs inspired from various superhero characters, including Superman, Batman, and The Flash, meeting the goal of being a brand that manufacture stylish and diverse products which respond to user needs. I-SPA is ready to combine technology that makes the product stand out as its products emphasize on a long service life, in line with the concept of sustainability. There is no need to change products frequently and bathtubs and whirlpools are long-term products, to which Khun Iad added that:

     “I-SPA’s products do not need to be changed frequently. In terms of sustainability, the material itself can last for many years. and can be easily repaired.”

Meet the needs of every target group

     Aside from end-users, who are the main target group of the brand, I-SPA’s target customer includes architects and designers. The factors that make the target customers to choose I-SPA’s products is distinctive design according to the identity and uniqueness of the area or users and appropriate use, responding to users’ needs directly, such as a whirlpool bath with a massage system for relaxation. The final factor is product diversity. There are more than 300 bathtub designs, able to meet the needs and solve problems of users.

Launching new products and celebrating the 30th anniversary for the first time at Architect’24

There are two highlighted products to be displayed at this year’s event, including:

  1. O-PLAY: Semi-family bathtub that will create fun for all family members. With the German Design Award 2024, the bathtub is accessible to all genders and ages
  2. Celebrating I-SPA’s 30th anniversary: In addition to recounting the brand’s origin, I-SPA’s goal is reinforcing and giving confidence in products and brands to users

     The highlighted product, O-PLAY, received the German Design Award 2024, emphasizing and guaranteeing its uniquely different design, which is exactly I-SPA’s identity. In addition to the design, technology used in the whirlpool system has been invented and developed by I-SPA, without the use of any imported innovation.

     “I-SPA is a Unique-Design and over 90% of the brand’s products are handmade. We focus on creating emotions for users,” Khun Iad told us about the differences that make I-SPA stand out.

Create a unique I-SPA style

     The Architect Expo is different from other building technology exposition. The same can be said about I-SPA, that emphasizes uniqueness and difference. The goal and expectation for the event is ensure the brand becomes well-known and creates a memorable image that the target customers or even the general public must think of when hearing the name I-SPA. The company is confident that the brand identity will stand out. At present, foreign markets play a greater role in Thailand, but I-SPA is confident with more than 30 years of experience that it is ready to deliver good quality products to users, to ensure that you will receive an impressive experience back from I-SPA, which is I-SPA’s strength.

     Prepare to experience 100% Thai brand bathtubs and whirlpools as I-SPA at booth No. S110/2 at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.