LSX to unveil 5 new collections of decorative surface at Architect’24

      Laminate is considered a popular choice for decorative surface during the present day as the appearance can be customized to your needs, pattern, color and texture, which are similar to natural materials. As its popularity increases, the number of manufacturers and importers of laminates also increases.

      LSX is one of the companies with over 20 years of experience in the decorative surface business. Amidst intense competition in the market, LSX never stops developing quality products with the belief that “Special space starts with creative materials, we never stop keeping up with trends and develop decorative surface for infinitely superior design.”

      It is a very interesting belief for conducting business in situations where there are many competitors in the market. When the opportunity to exchange ideas arise comes questions about the various aspects or ideas from years of experience of developing decorative surface.

Definition that reflects identity of LSX

      Khun Kriengkrai Tienpothong, executive of LSX Company Limited, talks about the concept that reflects the identity of the brand, “LSX develops decorative surface products under the concept of Laminate Something Extra, paying attention to every detail and also sharing stories of textures that are diverse and new in design.”

      From this statement, it is reflected that in addition to appearance, LSX products are crafted to every little detail, making it possible to convey a variety of stories through the different texture of material. The surface therefore feels very similar to touching natural materials.

Development under the concept of sustainability

      Even though laminate is not 100% natural, it is undeniable that the key aspect which renders laminate to look and feel highly similar to natural surface is the use of natural ingredients, the ratio of which depends on the production process. When the production process is related to natural materials, such makes us question the concept of sustainability and whether it affects product development or not.

      Khun Kriangkrai said that, “we have adhered to the concept of sustainability. We understand the importance of reducing environmental impact, that is, selecting materials which have both high quality and balance for the environment, in terms of both materials and production processes. This begins with choosing renewable to recyclable materials and packages to reduce waste, as well as reducing the use of materials with high impact on nature such as trees or irreplaceable natural resources. LSX recognizes the importance of reducing energy use and saving resources, the use of hazardous chemicals and intends to communicate such concept of choosing sustainable design materials to customers.”

Strengths in attracting the target customers of LSX

      In addition to the development of concept which is LSX’s strength, design is another crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked as it is considered the first line of impression in attracting the attention of customers that the company values. “Most of our customers are designers and design enthusiasts who search for unique decorations. We have selected patterns that are modern and design that meets the lifestyle needs of people today. We have built on the experience gained from past Architect Expo to expand product line, making LSX more well-known, especially among those looking for products that pay attention to details in designs that take into account the environment.”

Long-term path to business growth

      It is well known that the establishment of companies which manufacture and import laminates can be widely seen nowadays. This piece of information piques our interest about the ways in which one deals with business competition, both from domestic and abroad, Khun Kriengkrai cleared up our doubt saying, “although laminate is a highly competitive business, we have methods of dealing with competition with a focus on creativity. We therefore invest in research and development on the use of technology. Creating sustainable innovations is key to steady business growth. The brand also focuses on service and maintaining relationships with customers. Therefore, the introduction of new products in the market may not have much impact on the business.”

Special highlights and expectations from Architect’24

      LSX is ready to launch 5 new collections at the event, including the AICA collection, with the expectation of popularizing the products, ready to exchange new experiences with visitors at booth No. F409 at Architect’24, the 36thASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.