Feldhaus Klinker ready to showcase innovative European thin bricks from Europe at Architect’24

   Join us in gaining a new experience with thin bricks from Feldhaus Klinker, a manufacturer and distributor from Germany, who has delivered a full array of products and technology at Architect’24. With over 165 years of experience in the industry, Feldhaus Klinker has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of thin bricks. Besides its outstanding products, the brand’s goal is to get to know the Southeast Asian market better, from the interview with Mr. Jörg Breier, CEO, Feldhaus Klinker Co., Ltd.

   Feldhaus Klinker manufactures and distributes thin bricks in Europe. Because the products are of high quality and meet international standards, they are exported for sale in more than 40 countries around the world. Feldhaus Klinker also collaborate with well-known architect offices, securing its place as a leading and trusted brand for years. Architect’24 marks Feldhaus Klinker’s debut as an exhibitor. Let’s get to know the German brand with products that satisfy the needs of users.

Outstanding with its unique identity

     The principle that the brand has always believed in is adhering to innovation in the thin brick production process to prevent sunlight from hitting the building. In addition, the product must be able to directly answer the needs of the target group. The main target customer of Feldhaus Klinker is divided into two groups: investors and architects. The brand’s products can fulfill the needs of these two groups very well, that is, they can help prevent sunlight from hitting the building. Meanwhile, architects have complete freedom in designing, whether the interior or exterior, for endless creativity and uniqueness by using Feldhaus Klinker materials.


     As mentioned above, the brand’s main target audience is investors and architects. This is a group of customers who require high-quality products and an attractive appearance. In terms of benefits of choosing thin bricks, they are efficient and resistant to all types of weather conditions. Maintenance is not difficult and has a long service life.

Renewable energy for future sustainability

     Feldhaus Klinker is committed to sustainability trends and believes that the ethical usage of natural resources means stability for future generations. Over the past two years, Feldhaus Klinker has begun to use renewable energy in its production processes, such as expanding the use of renewable energy. Presently, more than half of factory rooftops are equipped with solar energy panels. The factory area covers more than 70,000 sq.m., with an electricity production capacity of more than 10 megawatts/peak. The solar power can also be used to produce energy required in the combustion process of products as well. It affects the long-term growth of the brand because Feldhaus Klinker aims for growth that comes from environmentally-friendly production or technology by developing new markets that can use the brand’s products to be sustainable but still beautiful.

Highlight at Architect’24

     Feldhaus Klinker is now ready to showcase its products focusing on a wide range of materials and applications both interior and exterior. In addition to showcasing products with rave reviews, another special highlight of this event is the launch of products from the latest developments such as thin bricks with enhanced dimensions and texture to give it a playful look. This will definitely give the user a luxurious and unique feeling.

New opportunities at Architect’24

     Feldhaus Klinker’s goal in joining Architect’24, besides its aim to penetrate the Southeast Asian market and create new opportunities to expand the market base, is more access to user groups and guideline for planning future projects. The brand also revealed that as Architect’24 is a showcase of Southeast Asia’s largest building and technology exposition, it is a good opportunity to open up business opportunities for the brand. It also creates opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with the target group or people interested in the product.

     Get to know Feldhaus Klinker and gain a new experience with thin bricks from Europe that cover all functions at Feldhaus Klinker at booth No. S715 at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.