WOODZENSE x Double C: launch of collaboration with a brand from the land of dragons for functional and well-designed woodwork at Architect’24

     When the natural streak of golden teak wood is fused with WOODZENSE’s unique design, offering the feeling of modern-luxury, with simplicity of the homey style, resulting in home furniture with unique design and functionality.

      From superior design to the development of a variety of products by adding products under the brand that focuses on materials design, joining us in updating the product design of WOODZENSE through a conversation with Khun Sirin Treethong, CEO of WOODZENSE

WOODZENSE, the apple that falls far from the tree

      Get to know WOODZENSE, a sub-brand of PLATO. Though the two brands under the same group, in terms of design, they completely differ. “If you have ever seen PLATO products, you will know that the brand focuses mainly on furniture. The design is a contemporary solid wood style. The highlight of WOODZENSE is the woodwork which is meticulously detailed with craftsmanship. It also focuses on materials suitable for designers. In addition, a complete design and production of built-in work has been added, including both design and production work by using real wood materials mixed with laminate work or other surface covering materials to offer options for customers.”

      With a unique design, quite a lot of customers trust and choose products with WOODZENSE’s design. “90% of the design are original, while the other 10% are customized by architects or in some cases, WOODZENSE’s products are adapted using designer’s ideas to use genuine wood as the ceiling. This is possible because the brand has its own production team and in-house designers.”

Products from wood with no harm to nature

   Another issue for brands that use genuine wood as their main material is whether the products are going to have an impact on the environment and in what direction will the conservation guidelines be? Khun Sirin shed some light on the issue that, “WOODZENSE emphasizes on maximizing the value of material. For example, we collect wood waste from the production process for the designer to design into a new product and find ways to manage materials in a Zero Waste format. This includes the sourcing of wood, which is the main raw material, by selecting quality golden teak wood with long service life, choosing only wood that is 30-40 years old or more for durable wood that meets standards. The wood must come from legally planted forests and through a good management system. In addition, the brand has implemented supply chain principles along with production technology to help reduce its carbon footprint.”


  The product development was born brand WOODZENSE, which is an opportune moment to launch products in collaboration with a business partner from China for growth, Mr. Vincent Cheung, Founder and Executive Chairman, and Mr. John Cheung, Founding Partner and Director of Double C, who shared their perspective on the collaboration with WOODZENSE, “it is good that we are able to be a part of the Thai market because Double C considers the market to be professional and international. The fact that both brands share the same interest in trends and products to attend Architect’24 is considered a very fortunate thing. From the experience of participating in the event, we always see professionalism, whether it’s buyers or architects and interior designers. This is a gateway to business opportunities.”

Double C: your partner, your friend for growth

       Double C is a brand with expertise in stainless steel technology with accumulated experience in architecture, interior design, product design to be applied to their projects, Mr. John Cheung said about the overall concept of this collaboration that, “the decision to become a partner is from the fact that WOODZENSE is a brand with quality in production, whether it be laminates, other decorative surfaces and built-ins. The Double C brand has materials related to steel and stainless steel in China, which can be transported to Thailand. In addition, Mr. Vincent is China’s top-ranked architect, and American AYA invited him to join the competition as well. Both brands see this as a big step in business growth.”

      In addition, Mr. John Cheung continued that, “the brand plans to offer storage cabinets with various functions and are convenient to use, suitable for various spaces in the home, including the bathroom. It is also equipped with a sensor system that can turn the lights on and off by knocking and there is also a function for battery charging. In addition to the variety of functions, the design is simple, easy to use yet maintain its sleekness. By working with WOODZENSE and combining steel and other equipment into one product under the brand’s concept that whether you are a family or not, furniture that provides you with convenience will bring you happiness.”

           Join in creating a superior life with high quality products and the beauty of design from WOODZENSE at booth No. F417 at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.