Leading building product brands to compete for Best Innovation Award at Architect’24

On March 22, 2024, a press conference for Architect’24 was held at The Moonlight Hall, Jim Thompson Room. The press conference was divided into 3 sessions: the first was regarding the highlight of event which was organized by ASA x TTF, the second session delved into the design concept of Thematic Pavilion, and the last session touched on world-changing innovative building materials, Best Innovation Award 2024.

Discussion on the topic of world-changing architecture was through the exchange of ideas from representatives of leading building materials brands competing for the Best Innovation Award 2024, including SCG Cement-Building Materials Company Limited, CNP Industrial Plastics Company Limited and Western Decor Corporation Public Company Limited, who explained the various products that have been created.

SCG Cement-Building Materials Company Limited

     Khun Wachirachai Koonamwattana, Head of Living Solution Business, spoke about the creative innovations to be discovered at Architect’24 that, “every year, SCG showcases a wide range of its creative innovations at the event and strives to have the displayed products respond to the trends in demand. SCG views that materials are not just a part of buildings, but they are the living area. Therefore, there is further thought about how to make the material which is one element that will answer current needs and trends, which SCG has summarized in 3 concepts:

  1. SPACE

       Space is considered an important aspect. Many may wonder how materials can help create space, which can be answered with SCG’s new materials to be presented at this Expo.

       For instance, WINDSOR features a sliding door, sized 3×5.60 meters. The reason why the door is bigger is because SCG has the idea that people want to be closer to the nature. Presently, people are staying at home more and more due to unfavorable weather, but what can be done to create a feeling of relaxation both inside and outside of the home? This is the idea that led to the creation of such sliding door. Another highlighted example is ShinkoLite, which is a translucent, heat-cutting sheet. SCG has an idea of how to make ShinkoLite sheets connect spaces inside and outside the home.


      Home living technology features more and more devices. Therefore, it is a step beyond materials to become a solution. An obvious example is the roof. When talking about roofs today, their function is not just for shade or protection against rain, it can generate electricity through a solar cell system. This is considered one solution that makes living space energy efficient and another way to reduce global warming.

      One more issue is the air quality. SCG thinks about expanding on the equipment that can help ventilate the air into the house and ensures that the space in the house really meet the needs of living or other devices that will help with safety in the home. These ideas are classified in the SMART TECHNOLOGY category, where you will see many more inventions to be presented by SCG.


      This is a highlight that will continue its streak for many years to come. In the category SUSTAINABILTY includes Green Choice, where SCG attempts to push for more environmentally friendly materials. Products under this category will be displayed at the expo as well. Examples of materials are cement and concrete, which are considered the basic materials used to build living spaces. At the event, visitors will experience the CPAC 3D Printing, a low carbon cement that will be used to create waste-free work.

      Facades can be used for many functions, such as protecting against heat and are made from recycled materials such as coffee grounds, satisfying the needs in terms of design and SUSTAINABILTY. The last example is the familiar COTTO tiles, which now have a version that uses 80% recycled material.

     “When discussing all 3 categories and summarizing the overall picture, this gives the event a name: Forward Into Future Living, stepping into the lifestyle of the future, which will include a troop of materials and equipment as well as various solutions that make living spaces meet current trends and are beneficial to designers and the general public.

     SCG views that ensuring that the next generation continues is everyone’s duty. From design to materials, if you look at it now, Net Zero may seem big and far away, but if we keep trying to do our part and cooperate with other organizations, moving forward is possible. This is everyone’s mission.

CNP Plastic Industry Company Limited

     Khun Pokkrong Choaknantiporn, Executive Director, provides an interesting perspective on CNP’s various innovations, “innovations in the construction industry have been improved in many companies due to changes in the world. The advantages must be comprehensive, there must be variety in the design, and Green Product in terms of designing innovations must invent new things that meet more usage needs. This year, CNP Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. under the brand VG features new products that will be presented at this year’s Architect Expo as well. These new products feature innovation and new materials that better meet the needs of use.”

  • Key Product

      “Vinyl roofs are designed with multilayers. The pro is that they reduce heat and noise. VG products manufactured with multilayers can meet a variety of needs. Such product is divided into 3 layers: the core layer for strength, the upper layer uses less raw materials, but with increased quality to withstand Thailand’s harsh sunlight and the underlayer that enhances beauty as well as reduces the use of unnecessary materials.”

  • Connections between sustainability trends and concepts to meet the needs of users

      “VG attempts to discover new materials so that products can meet a variety of needs, for instance, roof products that reduce heat and energy use in the home. VG believes that such choice can promote the trend of sustainability as well.”

  • Invite you to experience new products from VG

      “At the event, there will be the launch of new products. The main product under the VG brand is the Winter Roof, vinyl roof sheet designed to be highly durable, with an affordable price. With its latest innovation, M-uPVC from VG, coupled with durable structure, the vinyl roof can be used in a variety of ways, whether it is the main roof or vinyl siding. The VG vinyl roof, Winter Roof model, can be used with a variety of homes, from small houses to large buildings. Finally, we would like to invite everyone to visit the VG’s booth No. S103. Visitors will discover many products from VG, such as vinyl gutters, roofs, and gutter chains. There are also many activities prepared for attendees.”

Western Decor Corporation Public Company Limited

     Khun Boonprasert Sirirojratana, Senior Corporate Brand and Retail Marketing, discussed trends and key products that affect brand development, “Today, the interpretation of architectural materials has evolved a lot. During the past couple of months, when it comes to trends, we often heard words like Old money and Quiet luxury, which are the definitions of luxury that have changed. In the past, luxury had to be loud. These days, luxury is a whisper. The definition of luxury as mentioned above has changed the choice of construction design, both design and construction materials. Trends in design have resulted in fewer, thinner tile patterns, giving a softer feel to the touch.”

  • Tiles comparable to natural stone for a sustainable world

      “This product is very green. WDC does not consider whether green is a trend or not. Instead, we see it as doing business with responsibility. WDC currently conducts business with ESG principles, which strives to take care of business with an emphasis on the environment.

      In principle, tiles are already an environmentally friendly material because it is a substitute for stone as they use clay in their production. WDC considers tiles to be an imitation of stone. Therefore, it aims to raise the level of tiles, not only in terms of design, but also the tactile aspect by making the surface of the tiles to resemble that of natural stone.

      For past stone-like designs, if we look at its surface using a camera, the surface is either sunken or raised. Now, however, WDC’s tiles are designed in such a way that it has alternating sunken and raised surface in the same tile, which is very similar to natural stone. WDC sees this innovation as opening the door to a new context in using tiles that are comparable to natural stone.

      From what WDC has presented, it is not a guide but an invitation to experience it yourself in terms of innovative tiles that smoothly imitate natural stone. If anyone wants to know whether it can be imitated realistically or not, or what will the tile products mentioned look like? You can go witness it at WDC booth No. S108.”

      Experience innovative and world-changing architectural products to be nominated for the Best Innovation Award 2024 and experience a new and different experience as well as other highlight activities throughout the full 6 days at Architect’24 under the concept of Collective Language during 30 April – 5 May 2024 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.