In-depth look at Thematic Pavilion, highlights of Architect’24

    Let’s delve deep into the highlights of Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition, with Thematic Pavilion, the special spaces of collaboration between building material suppliers and young designers under the concept reflected through the exhibition space. Following the press conference on Friday, March 22, in addition to updating the progress of the event, let us delve into the information and concepts of Thematic Pavilion, namely S-ONE x HAS design and research and Wilsonart x AICA x pbm.

S-ONE x HAS design and research: S-ONE Aluminum Grotto

    Under the collaboration between S-ONE and HAS design and research, the architect studio has conveyed the idea and crystallized it into the concept of ‘Complete the Future’ in an area of 180 m2 from the words of Khun Saran Rojanaporn, CEO of KIN, Executive Director of S-ONE Group Company Limited, and Mr. Jerry Hong and Khun Kulthida Songkittipakdee, Co-founder of HAS design and research.

    When talking about Thematic Pavilion, the most essential aspect is the materials that will be the main attraction inside the pavilion, in this case is the KIN aluminum lath under the S-ONE company, before Khun Saran explained the differences in each brand and the reason why KIN was chosen as the principal player in the Thematic area,

“The KIN brand has been manufactured for both interior and exterior decoration work, which is true when it comes to aluminum, most would think of windows or doors, but KIN can be used for decoration, aluminum façade for both interior and exterior work.”

     Add another level of exclusiveness with anodized champagne color aluminum, with a rare elegance generally not witnessed in general aluminum. KIN’s aluminum can be anodized in a variety of colors as desired. The brand uses an innovative anodized aluminum instead of exterior coating, making it durable and longer service life, suitable for the weather conditions in Thailand. The S-ONE Aluminum Grotto consists of over 10,000 pieces of aluminum.

    From the concept of ‘Complete the Future’, the design of the Pavilion is unique and draws on the outstanding characteristics of aluminum, differentiate itself from general aluminum while still maintaining a strong identity of the product. HAS begins with inspiration from nature. This later became the origin of the name Thematic Pavilion.

“We want people to feel as if they’re walking into a grotto, feel the nature and wonder how this was possible and how this creation entered the Challenger Hall? It also comes from industrial materials, creating a contrast between industrial and natural aspects,” said Khun Kultida.

It is a challenge in choosing aluminum, with its strong and durable appearance, to create soft and flowing emotions as Mr. Jerry Hong concluded,

The S-ONE Aluminum Grotto is not just a pavilion, it has created something. Therefore, this S-ONE Aluminum Grotto was not only created to complement S-ONE, but also to be a connection between nature and Architect Expo.”

Visit the S-ONE Aluminum Grotto and enjoy the architecture that perfectly combines aluminum with nature at S-ONE Booth No. TP-A1.

Wilsonart x AICA x pbm: Laminates and Engineered Surface

     Building sustainability through design with concepts from Wilsonart x AICA such as Imagination & Sustainability on an exhibition area of 180 m2. Join us in delving deeper into the how the inspiration and origins of Thematic Pavilion relate and are connected to sustainability through Khun Phasakorn Asawarujanon, Marketing Manager, Wilson Art (Thailand) Company Limited, and Khun Kangwansiri Techavanich, studio director, and Khun Jarupat Wichitrapat Senior Designer from pbm

     From 514 sheets of laminate, each with unique colors and patterns, combined with the inspiration between the relationship of materials and nature and all 3 design core values: minimizing waste, simplicity construction methodology and key visual, the core values match the needs of both Wilsonart x AICA and pbm with the desire to create a piece of art. This results in a concept called ‘CONNEX’ that pbm interpreted through the connection between Innovation, Nature and People.

“Thematic Pavilion is a fusion, a circulation of nature around people, including rivers, mountains, forests, grasslands. All of these are the main Key Visual taken by pbm,” said Khun Jaruphat about the connection between Nature and People, which is the connection of Innovation with people has been explained by pbm as follows:

“Wilsonart features a line of translucent laminates and pbm combined with interactive lighting sensor technology that can attract visitors.”

    It can be noticed that both Innovation and Nature have always been associated with people. The exhibition area is divided into 2 zones: Experience Space and Showcase Space, continuing from the concept which is in line with sustainability. This was a key consideration for pbm and Wilsonart, and the translucent laminate panels used in the Thematic Pavilion are reusable to reduce waste that will occur after the event ends.

    Experience the technology combined with Wilsonart x AICA’s translucent laminate sheets and inspiration from nature to answer sustainability with the concept of Imagination & Sustainability at the Wilsonart x AICA booth No. TP-A2.

    Explore trends and visit highlights of Thematic Pavilion at Architect’24, ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.