Discover 5 ways HP Large Format Printers helps AECs deliver their best work at Architect Expo 2022

Technical documents are essential to any architecture, engineering or construction (AEC) office. Tenders, presentations, and deadlines hinge on smooth project flows, and you need just the right printer for the job. Here is why,

1. Time is money

The faster the print job, the more time can be spent on your core activities. Our printer beats it with shorter warm up and printing time.

2. Up to 0.1% line accuracy precision

HP Large Format Printers have 0.1% accuracy rate that picks up every detail in your work. Plus, our guaranteed minimum line width ensures that every fine line weights are preserved.

3. Compatible with all modelling software

HP Large Format Printers give accurate printing result regardless of the modelling software. It will capture every layer of your complex design. 

4. Makes work much easier

Easy paper and ink loading, as well as neat stacking and collation of completed prints all help to save time, contributing to a smoother process.

5. Always have hard copy as your backup

Hard copy can save you on the rainy days that your soft copy just refuses to work. Printing a hard copy out as your backup plan is just a breeze and cost-effective with HP Large Format Printers.

Visit HP at Architect Expo 2022 booth number L303 and find out how we transform the way AECs work. For more information on HP, please contact us at 1800 012 324

Email: [email protected]

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