Go beyond the idea limitation of innovative decorative concrete by Concrete Decor at Architect’23

Concrete Decor product has been customized and passed on to Thai craftsmen. It turns into a product that generates works of art on the concrete floor. At the same time, it serves another purpose as a point of contact between the contractors and the homeowners. Basically, there are two roles in the transmission of innovation from creative ideas to customers. That is what we perceive as an outsider in the identity of Concrete Decor or Concrete Decor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Today, we have the opportunity to delve into the background of more than two roles in every aspect through the letters that has been well interpreted from Khun Lukkanaporn Kongcharoen, Managing Director of Concrete Decor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer who transfers innovation to
Thai craftsmen

Before being recognized as an inventive manufacturer of ‘decorative concrete,’ Concrete Decor was originally an initiative of the contractor business, experienced countless failures from inventing and experimenting new products. Yet, with the intention of developing new products and bringing them to the Thai people to try and experience practical items that help consumers in every dimension, the company has never stopped generating innovations to meet the needs of different customers.

“At the beginning, we were inventing new products by learning from foreign video media.” We had learned the value of trial and error until we felt confident in passing on our expertise of imprinted concrete to Thai craftsmen. This will help Thai artisans strengthen their abilities by allowing them to freely design concrete work”, Khun Lukkanaporn said.

Encourage the capability of Thai craftsmen to be able to think outside of box for creative ideas.

After the introduction of imported imprinted concrete innovations for use in Thailand, we have asked Khun Lukkanaporn to clarify how to develop the passion for creating products that benefits craftsmen, contractors, and homeowners at the same time.

“I am personally interested in cutting-edge foreign works. It was such a motivation for me to apply my knowledge to the development of innovation in Thailand in order to reduce production time, costs, and imports while also increasing product quality with the condition that both the contractors and the homeowners can afford the products at a reasonable price.”

In addition to the application of foreign technology, there is also a promotion of the Thai craftsmen’s capability to express their creativity on the concrete floor without boundaries. This will result in the value-added works of Thai craftsmen.

“To be honest, if you carefully consider what we have been doing in terms of inventing, innovating, and testing various innovations, you will certainly realize that this benefits both producers and consumers.”

“Decor Technician”, a connector between ‘contractors’ and ‘homeowners’

During a pleasant and friendly interview, our minds were drawn to the phrase “Decor Technician,” which Khun Lukkanaporn has mentioned several times. To clarify any doubts, she briefly explained that the brand’s mission is to serve as a connector between contractors and homeowners, impressing both with a win-win scenario. Builders or contractors will provide excellent service and workmanship to homeowners. Meanwhile, the contractor will be paid timely and in good faith. This allows Concrete Decor in developing a network of varied decorators, which is then combined with concrete work teaching skills to further boost technicians’ competencies.

“The homeowners and the contractors will both benefit. the contractors will find the right homeowners. Meanwhile, the homeowners will be impressed by the service provided by Concrete Decor’s décor professionals, who have been verified and guaranteed.”

“The homeowners and the contractors will both benefit. the contractors will find the right homeowners. Meanwhile, the homeowners will be impressed by the service provided by Concrete Decor’s décor professionals, who have been verified and guaranteed.”

– Lukkanaporn Kongcharoen
Managing Director
Concrete Decor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Get to know Concrete Décor through the key highlighted products at Architect’23

“The highlighted product at Architect’23 is Color Season, which is a premium cement color with a special formula and blended with synthetic iron oxide. It is suitable for both flooring and wall decoration. Resistant to all weather conditions. Protects the surface from UV radiation, allowing the color to last longer. There was no flaking of the color. Perfect for use in a variety of decorative concrete applications such as imprinted concrete floors, patterned concrete, polishing work, loft style, or even artworks.”

In addition to the highlighted product Color Season, Khun Lukkanaporn mentioned 3 in 1 innovative characteristic feature such as MMWALL, heat and sound insulation, which can prevent heat from entering the building from the outside. It helps to lower the temperature by 5-8 degrees and has a design that can be applied as a wall decoration. Concrete Decor is Thailand’s first and sole manufacturer of this product.

Join us to share your creative ideas through building innovations at Architect’23

Imprinted Concrete‘ is an innovative decorative concrete designed to challenge the limits of creativity, serving as a connector between contractors and homeowners. Let’s get to know more about Concrete Decor from the definitions given at booth number D502 in Architect’23, the 35th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 25 – 30 April, 2023 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

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