GLASTEN, a modern luxury windows and doors system manufacturer, which will bring uniqueness to your living space, at Architect’23

If you’d like to create a distinctive experience in your home, consider GLASTEN, a high-quality Euro Profile System for windows and doors developed by a team with extensive experience and packed with Austria standards. Aside from that, it has been collaboratively designed to meet the needs of modern customers. Furthermore, every aspect of the design takes into account the functionalities with aesthetic design and fits perfectly with any design of all types of architecture so that customers will certainly feel the difference between GLASTEN’s and others’

What distinguishes GLASTEN from
other window and door manufacturers?

  • Energy Saving: Having a thermal break to help reduce heat transfer from outside into the house.
  • Solid Structure: GLASTEN’s profile aluminum is designed to have extra thickness up to 2 mm in order to enhance strength’s performance of all sizes of doors and windows.
  • High Quality of Installed Materials: GLASTEN provides waterproof EPDM rubbers, DIM7863 grade, with European standard, together with its standard stainless-steel screws
  • Multi-layer Locking System: Installed on all sides of doors and windows to prevent tampering, ensure security, and make residents feel safe that they have a European standard multi-layer locking system.
  • Sound and Water Proofing: The design of aluminum profiles in a form of a chamber and a hole for mounting the rubber around provides sound and water proofing.
  • Unique Beauty
  • ​Production Standard: All GLASTEN’s doors and windows are manufactured using modern machines from a standardized factory
  • Equipment Design: All GLASTEN’s door and window fittings are installed in accordance with a precisely designed profile that perfectly matches.


GLASTEN Bi-Folding Door

GLASTEN Bi-Folding Door is a unique design. All profile lines are designed specifically for folding doors; no profiles from casement or sliding doors have been modified to be misused. The installation of various equipment has been deliberately planned. There is a water protection system in place to keep noise, dust, and insects out of the rubber edge opening around the door. Aesthetic design that perfectly fits, conceals hinges and sliding rails in doors.

GLASTEN Lift & Slide Door

Sliding door systems are ideal for heavy, large doors. The high-quality equipment from GLASTEN, as well as the roller system’s lifting system, which serves to transfer the weight of a large door to lighten the users, will make the users feel light and comfortable. It also includes a complete thermal break system to reduce heat transfer from the outside. As a result, installing large doors with extra width, even when combined with a large mirror, can provide an uninterrupted view. It also prevents heat from entering the building from the outside and performs well with soundproofing.

Glasten Casement Door

The GLASTEN casement door works by pushing outwards. Casement doors are available in a form of single casement door and also double casement door with a unique profile system designed to have a shiplap for waterproofing and rainproofing. As a result, it can effectively function as a double front door. Most importantly, every GLASTEN casement door includes a thermal break system to help reduce heat transfer from the outside to the inside.


All modules of GLASTEN’s doors and windows system include a thermal break system to help reduce heat from the outside. In addition, it supports glass thicknesses of up to 20 mm. The GLASTEN system does not employ cupids to secure glass from outside in order to prevent outside tampering.  This includes preventing long-term water leakage issues. Every profile line includes holes for inserting rubber for water and sound proofing. They are coasted with high-quality exterior paint coatings from Austria with 15-year warranty of its durability.

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Create better home atmosphere with high-end aluminum door and window system by GLASTEN (THAILAND) CO., LTD., who is ready to serve innovative and distinct designs. Experience modern innovations by yourselves at booth number D409 at Architect’23, the 35th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 25 – 30 April, 2023 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

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