Explore the insights of weaved fibers for sustainability with The Carpet Maker at Architect’23

“Carpet” is woven fiber with unique patterns and colors that express the lifestyle in a certain way, providing a soft touch and warmth that beyond explanation. Today, we will find out the journey of the fibers that enhance the carpet weaving industry of The Carpet Maker, a manufacturer and exporter of bespoke rugs that are bound to sustainability by Khun Soonthorn Kraitrakul, President of Carpet Maker (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

40 years of the Thailand’s leading carpet manufacturer and exporter

For more than four decades, The Carpet Maker has brought Thailand fame and pride as an exporter and manufacturer of woven carpets with tailored design and attention to detail, achieving the trust of customers all over the world, particularly in America and Europe. Carpets from The Carpet Maker are now located in hundreds of sites worldwide, including luxury brand offices, 5- and 6-star hotels, domestic and foreign palaces, yachts, and even private jets. One of the motives for The Carpet Maker to develop innovations that enhance the carpet weaving industry is the company’s mission of “To be a leader in high quality carpet manufacturing to satisfy customer needs by creating valuable work and customer trust worldwide.”

“To be a leader in high quality carpet manufacturing to satisfy customer needs by creating valuable work
and customer trust worldwide.”

The 4 main factors considered for weaving the fibers

It is undeniable that trends have an impact on people’s lives, and trends generate innovations as part of development in order to improve people’s well-being and raise awareness of the environment for mankind. The Carpet Maker is keen to contribute to the global and social benefits.


The sustainability trend has now been spotlighted the mainstream, affecting manufacturers as well as customers. This is in line with the brand’s long-term goal of preserving natural resources along with promoting social responsibility for people’s well-being. As a result, the continuous development of products while saving the environment through sustainable manufacturing techniques such as the selection of raw materials such as plastic waste, which many people consider useless. Then, using a waste-reduction and pollutant-reduction approach, upcycle it to have better features than before.

Health & Wellness

Infectious epidemics and countless pollutions have a negative effect on people’s quality of life across the world. These undesirables are more involved in our way of life than we realize. Bacteria can store and taint the garments you wear every day, as well as the mask. As a result, the Carpet Maker concentrates and dedicates itself to research and development in order to generate unique fibers with superior qualities to ordinary fibers on the market in order to safeguard consumers from hazardous germs and promote a higher quality of life.


Another issue that the company is concerned about is product quality, especially in terms of product quality, which must be practical, durable, and have aesthetic design with user-friendly features and has no impact on the environment.


The company focuses on efficient resource management, both in terms of raw material production and the process of delivering effective products to customers, with its aim of minimizing resource waste.

Sustainability for a better future

The Carpet Maker is an outstanding brand in promoting a positive impact on the world, as a result of the production process that focuses not only on quality but also on minimizing the impact on the environment, such as MONSILK / MONWOOL Upcycling, which has been upcycled PET plastic bottles from the ocean. Furthermore, using lean manufacturing system by organizing the process of production to be as efficient as possible in order to save both time and resources. Reduce needless waste to minimize the environmental impact, which is at the heart of sustainable business operations.

Effective knowledge sharing for boundless growth

Sustainable product development is not only a brand strength but also the knowledge sharing among a variety of professionals, including the health sciences, which collaborated to produce QVIRA Anti-Microbial fibers that can halt germs from the first touch. In terms of design, there are partnerships with Dr. Supapong Sornsang, a master designer from JIRD Design, who is developing Moss Living and Paksi carpets, which will be available for pre-order shortly. Furthermore, the company is planning a great surprise of a spectacular work collaborated with world-class artists for the middle of this year. This piece has been selected for exhibition in major cities throughout the world.

Sustainability developed into
highlighted innovations

The Carpet Maker is proud to present the following highlighted innovations at Architect’23: Starting off with, MONSLIK Upcycling Carpets have unique design that highlights their individuality. Second, Alfresco carpets can potentially be used both indoors and outdoors due to particular weather and UV resistance properties that allow the carpet colors to stay fresh, do not fade, and are easy to clean. Finally, a future innovation of QVIRA Anti-Microbial High-performance fibers with Zinc Nano technology is being developed, with the aim to be firmly embedded in the fibers. As a result, it has the potential to minimize virus and bacterium growth up to 99%, allowing viruses to be eliminated as soon as they come into contact.

Join us in weaving fibers caring for life and the environment at Architect’23

You may have been introduced to many different aspects of innovation that go beyond providing a delightful touch by the end of this conversation. This year, The Carpet Maker has prepared a number of products to be available for visitors to experience at booth number F302/1 in Architect’23, the 35th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 25 – 30 April, 2023 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

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