Experience CIBES: the perfect home lift for smart lifestyle at Architect’24

     Presently, having a home lift may not be news anymore. With the aging society and the growing number of elderly, it is becoming normal for people to install home lifts. With the advance of technology, lifts are equipped with even more features than in the past.

     CIBES is a subsidiary of Cibes Lift Group from Sweden, which was founded by a Swedish engineer and inventor. Cibes Lift Group has operated for over 75 years, having its headquarters in Gävle, Sweden. Over the years, Cibes Lift Group has installed more than 70,000 lifts, which service millions of people around the world every day. CIBES is in the business of bringing people together, which is also its vision.


CIBES Lift (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was officially established in Thailand in 2016. Sweden places great emphasis on safety and environmental awareness, which are also key to manufacturing space-saving lifts. Homeowners install lifts as they want comfort in their homes. Cibes Lift Group is constantly evolving, with more than 200 branches around the world. Most importantly, Cibes directly opens in Thailand, not just a distributor.

     CIBES firmly believes that safety should be firstly prioritized. The lifts meet the requirements of all relevant European safety and accessibility standards to ensure that they are safe and easy to use. With a history of over 75 years, CIBES never ceases to develop its home lifts to best accommodate users. From the beginning to presently, CIBES’ screw-driven lifts have had four operating systems: Eli, CiCon, EcoSilent and EcoSilent 2.0.

CIBES Lift has expanded through collaboration in several areas, with three factories in different countries.

Factory in Sweden

Since 2012, CIBES’ headquarters, R&D department and main factories are situated in Gävle, approximately 200 km north of Stockholm.

Factory in China

Cibes Lift Group has been operating in China since 2013 to shorten production time, reduce transportation process, and better meet local market demand. Cibes Lift Group has established a factory with its own R&D center in Jiazi City in 2020.

Factory in the United States

Cibes Lift Group also establishes its factory in the United States to shorten production time, reduce transportation process, and better meet local market demand in the Americas.

CIBES Lift has been developed in several areas, with focus on three main areas: engineering, architecture and environment.

Civil engineering

Screw-driven system

Designed to prevent the possibility of elevator falling

Reduce the hassle of on-site preparation

Maintain high safety requirements

Suitable for all weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors


Ergonomically designed elevator

Space-saving with flexible assembly

No requirement for a pit, shaft, nor machine room

Easy to install, with only minimal modification to the building structure

Glass can be installed on all sides for a 360° panoramic view


91% recyclable with over 20 years of service life

Rated A level power consumption, which is extremely energy efficient

     In 2024, possibly the most outstanding model is the S85 CIBES Lift. It is modern and unique with quality materials and functionality, with a well-designed system to successfully deliver the “present elevator for the future”. S85 CIBES lift features 360° perspective, a state-of-the-art high-back design with floor-to-ceiling glass, delivering an outlook similar to a cabin lift. S85 series is in fact a platform lift which covers the screws with a sleek, luxurious patterned wall. It is a passenger elevator that can be installed in every home. The model comes in three variations, most of which differ in terms of design, including Galaxy and Galaxy+ home lift, with luxurious customization, Aurora and Aurora+ home lift which is popular for its unique design and Elegance and Elegance+, simple and elegant home lift which fits seamlessly into any home.

Special features

  • Customized high-back board with 3 sides of glass and landscaped silkscreen, further elevating the design
  • Emergency stop
  • Telephone communication
  • Emergency lowering
  • Platform safety bar and safety edges
  • IOT function

Highlights of CIBES lifts

     All of CIBES lifts have been tested and quality controlled for the peace of mind of users. They are also supported by European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and safety standards EN81- 41: 2010, EN81- 20: 2014 from Europe, including a 15-year warranty on the screws.

Top-notch home lift

Once, lifts were bulky and unfit for home installation, today, however, CIBES features home lifts which are tailored to fit homeowners’ lifestyle. CIBES adheres to the principle of “Lift for every home, works for everyone”. The most innovative home lift can be found at booth No. L208-L209 at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition to be held during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.