Delve into the Stone Kingdom with its timeless beauty at EMPIRE STONE at Architect’24

     “Stone” is one of the materials with various benefits and uses since the ancient day. With human evolution, stone is classified as a material used in architectural decoration with different patterns according to the type of stone.

       Presently, stone is popular among the construction industry. With its sleek, luxurious and durable properties, several projects choose to use various types of stone as materials for decorating their houses. As a result, the stone is in great demand. More importantly, choosing a reliable company is a factor that should be prioritized to receive high quality stones and patterns that meet the needs of the project.

Take a look at the Stone Kingdom

     Khun Kamin Jitsangboon, Managing Director of Empire Stone Company Limited, an entrepreneur in construction stone products, imports stones from foreign countries for production so that customers have a variety of options and meet the design needs of the designer with customized styles.

     “We are the expert who will recommend the use of various applications of stone to meet the needs of customers because each type of natural stone is different. In terms of usage, suitability for that area must be considered. We also have more than 200-300 types of stone for customers to choose from, including granite, marble, travertine, onyx and limestone. Currently, quartzite is still being imported to add more options. In addition to a wide variety of stone, we also provide stone surface coating services and various types of surface treatments. It is also possible to design unique stone styles, whether cornice, lathe or for curved stone.”

Qualities unique only to stone

     With today’s cutting-edge technology, invention of construction-related materials is widely used. In terms of flooring, there are different options, which leads to doubt as to why “stone” is still in demand from the point of view of stone business executives.

     “Stone is beautiful, uniquely so in a way that other materials cannot replace. This is due to its natural property. Even if it is the same type of stone, there are also different patterns on each piece. Moreover, stone can be restored and maintained, even if years have passed. You can see that European architecture has used stone since ancient times, such as Rome and the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Colosseum. These places are still beautiful today.”

Stone business and current sustainability trend

     Current trend in the design-construction and real estate industry still revolves around the issue of sustainability and construction development that goes hand in hand with environmental sustainability. Empire Stone Company Limited is a supporter of this sustainability trend.

     “In reality, Empire Stone’s materials are inherently sustainable. Invest only once, but the materials will be with us forever. In terms of stone surface coating, we choose chemicals that are environmentally-friendly and are certified by EUROFINS CERTIFICATE.”

Empire Stone’s strategy to win customers’ hearts

     Investing or conducting business by foreigners in Thailand nowadays exists in every industry. This drives the competition. Moving forward by adapting is another strategy that Empire Stone uses.

    “We have to adapt to the current market patterns, understand customer groups and try to answer customer needs in the right way, along with building good relationships by taking care of customers for them to receive what meets their needs the most. In addition, we also have to adapt to various trends during that time as well. As for the big picture, I think the government sector must support domestic business groups, but our own business must adapt to the changing trend. It can be said that there must be constant adjustment.”

An important step towards Architect’24

     This marks the first year for Empire Stone Co., Ltd., to participate at Architect’24, which is considered a launch to expand customer groups and showcase to the market that it is ready to distribute quality stone work which is beautiful and suitable for many types of designs. As an important step, the company has prepared a group of special stones for display as well.

     “At present, the global trend of the stone industry features a group of stone called the Exotic Group, which is relatively more expensive than normal ones. We are preparing to display it at this event to expand the market for Thai customers, for them to be aware that at present, there is a new trend in the stone industry in order to further develop the idea in future designs.”

Open the door of ideas for a better life

     “I want everyone to come see new materials and technology with a variety of options to design our residences to be better than before, both in terms of beauty and durability, those things have been included in the Architect’24.”

     Experience the beauty and durability of various types of stone at EMPIRE STONE at booth No. S406, at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.