Combination of 3 innovations to enhance the flavor of Tam Tad at Architect’23

When selecting a material for home decoration, there would often be questions about the compatibility of the materials, such issue leads to the combination of three innovations led by Khun Choltit Rattanasetyut, Director of Q Lighting Co., Ltd., a brand of customized sleek design lamps, Khun Kittiphat Techapakapong, Project Director of TIP METROOF Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of high-quality metal sheet roofing and Khun Suphachet Kopatta, Managing Director of A-Decor Co., Ltd., an expert in all types of tiles.

The Art of Togetherness: Innovation brought together to resemble real setting

Before experiencing all the interesting products from all three brands, Khun Choltit Rattanasetyut, Director of Q Lighting Co., Ltd., representative of the three brands, recounted the beginning of the combination of lamps, roofs and tiles into a single large booth at Architect’23.

“The combination of three businesses in this booth is The Art of Togetherness, an innovation brought together to resemble a real setting by simulating the interior area of a house, such as whether the pairing of this metal sheet color and this lamp color is compatible or not? Or would this style of lamp compliment the type of tiles? The process is to ensure that visitors of Architect’23 understand the elements of material selection.”

We may not be a gathering of big and famous brands, we just gather everyone together like Tam Tad,”

said Khun Choltit Rattanasetyut.

Design freely with QUILL LIGHTING, an artisanal lamp

Khun Choltit Rattanasetyut, Director of Q Lighting Co., Ltd., gave an interview that the brand received good feedback from participating in the Architect’22. With the brand’s strength of being able to customize lamps according to the needs of customers, Q Lighting has attracted more attention from new customers.

In addition to designing pieces to meet the needs of customers, the brand also values freedom of designers, opening up opportunities for the creation of beautiful and uniquely design lamps according to the style of different designers.

SAHN Switch, smart automation switch

Q Lighting features other products as well. As for switches and power outlets, the design of the SAHN Switch brand from Chana Design Co., Ltd. offers innovations that meet the needs of customers with smart lifestyle, such as smart automation. The design of smart switch is distinctly different from regular switches and plugs that we have seen before.

ภาพบูธ QUILL LIGHTING งานสถาปนิก’65

Metal sheet that can be more than steel roof from T I P METROOF

For more than 20 years, T I P METROOF has developed quality products with steel roof installation services from skilled personnel. Nowadays, both public and private sectors are interested and confident in using products and services from T I P METROOF.

Why choose metal sheet roofing?

Metal sheet is lightweight, which saves installation time, and the seam of each metal sheet is relatively tiny, consequently leading to very little chance of leakage. T I P METROOF features innovative color coating, meaning that the paint coated from the factory must be of good quality because it will help slow down color fading and customers can choose the thickness of the metal sheet by themselves. In addition, metal sheet roofing is durable, has a long service life, so it is preferred by customers.

Khun Kittiphat Techapakapong, Project Director of T I P METROOF Co., Ltd., shared with us about the expectation of Architect’23 as an exhibitor that, “we wish customers to look at metal sheet in new perspectives. Metal sheet is not just a material for roofing, it can be used in other ways.” At Architect’23, T I P METROOF is ready to show visitors the versatile usage of this material.  

Add playful designs to tiles with A-décor

As tiles are made from wide-ranging materials and can add modernity to the house, KhunSuphachet Kopatta, Managing Director of A-décor Co., Ltd., became interested in tiles and began to search for the best production source to import quality, durable products, including China, which is outstanding in its technology of manufacturing high-quality tiles with natural patterns, and India, a country where the development of industries and architecture is surging.

Although A-décor is a new brand, we pay attention and strive to develop products to meet the needs of customers. No matter what kind of patterns you want, it can be designed and customized with all the solutions you need.

What to expect from Architect’23

“Our expectation is to open up and raise awareness for visitors and another reason why we decided to participate in this exhibition is because we wish to work with designers and architects. And this is an important opportunity for us to invite visitors to get to know A-décor,” said Khun Suphachet.

Discover diverse innovations to create a perfect fit for your home at Architect’23

          Be prepared to witness combination of three innovations of roof, tiles and lamps to meet your needs at booth no. L104 at Architect’23, the 35th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 25- 30 April, 2023 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

For those who are interested in space reservation, please visit our website at or contact us at 02-717-2477 and Email: [email protected]

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