Take a Look at Logistics & Warehouse Equipment from Material World at Architect’24

The logistics business has blossomed once again after becoming stagnant and disappeared from the business scene during the pandemic, which slows the economy where people are stuck in their houses and business operations are slow.

However, after such crisis passes and the situation returns to normal, the consumption of various types of goods has returned to a frenzied pace. This is where we can trace back to logistics and warehouse equipment business, which links manufacturers and consumers by connecting their every need.

Having said that, in order to explore every issue thoroughly, we decided to bring our questions to Material World, an innovative logistics and warehouse equipment company, which welcomed us in their Nonthaburi office to join the conversation with Khun Pawan Eamcharoenying, Group Director and Khun Waswan Eamcharoenying, Assistant Managing Director, Material World Company Limited. The conversation ended with a tour of the innovative warehouse, in which visitors are invited to experience at Architect’24.

Logistics and Warehouse Equipment of various characters

The beginning was products in the logistics field, which continued to expand until the company became successful in the industrial and residential customer markets, allowing us to see the diverse characters of logistics innovation and warehouse equipment, both in terms of fully comprehensive functions and designs that are conducive to all customer groups.

There was no delay in bombarding Khun Pawan and Khun Waswan with all our inquiries.

How was the customers’ feedback from Architect’23?

Khun Waswan: We think it was rather positive. When customers visited us, we would see desired trends, which we can further develop with our products to meet their needs or what they are looking for.

Khun Pawan: Since the event was held during the post-COVID period, the market was starting to boom. It was the first year that more people went to trade fairs, which made it possible for us to see what customers wanted and things that we still lack. Seeing customers face-to-face means interacting with them, which somehow fulfills us. This year, we decided that we should have something that could completely answer the needs of customers more.

Are there any differences between industrial and residential customers?

Khun Waswan: Actually they’re not different. We’ve started from the industrial market which prioritizes durability. The good thing is that when we expand into the residential group, we just adjust the design aspect to suit the house or residence.

How important is design?

Khun Waswan: Presently, we think it is very important. That is, we have to look at trends of both customers and products and then use the knowledge gained to develop products and design to fit the current age.

For instance, in applying technology to Garage Door, we have introduced smart system. No matter where the customer is in the world, they can view the live image of their garage through the application. They can also issue commands to open and close the door automatically.

In addition, the design of Garage Door panels come in both clear, suitable for those who wish to see their vehicle for 24 hours a day with natural lighting, and solid panel, which is available in a variety of colors and wood patterns.

There are also additional features such as designing a walk-through door inside the garage door for more accessible entering as well as saving energy since there was no need to open the whole garage door.

How does Material World view safety with logistics products?

Khun Waswan: We prioritize safety because our customers are factories with global presence, as well as Japanese contractors and several foreign companies, therefore we give great importance to this issue. This will be coupled with the sales principle where we will take care of customers 24 hours a day, or to put it simply, lifetime service.

How does Material World view the growth of the logistics business at present?

Khun Pawan: In fact, when we started this business, we saw a path to reach the goal of ever-growing logistics. But the current economic situation is that export figures have dropped and are not recovering. At the same time, it is an opportunity for Material World to enter new markets in which exports are vital, such as Thai food or clothing and furniture.

During the current trend where businesses are adopting sustainability together with innovation development, how does Material World view this matter?

Khun Waswan: We attach great importance to this topic, such as our High Speed Door which has eco mode function or an energy saving mode. That is, if we don’t want to open the whole door, we can set the eco mode to the level we normally use. Just press the eco mode button and it will help with saving electricity and reducing global warming.

This is very useful for further development in our products and even more so when customers pay more attention to such issue. Our product development is going in the same direction.

What are the highlights from Material World at Architect’24?

Khun Waswan: We have prepared a comprehensive list of doors, including High Speed Door, which is high-speed automatic opening-closing doors with anti-viral and anti-COVID properties.

In addition, we also feature Garage Door with clear panel and a walk-through door to showcase at Architect’24 due to higher demand of cars afficionado.

Anything you’d like to say to those in the construction industry who will visit the event?

Khun Waswan: We encourage engineers, contractors, actually all professions to visit Architect’24 because it’s different in each year and there will always be something new to update each year. We would like to invite those who are interested to see Material World’s products at booth No. S109 at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.