Japanese Quality! sanwacompany and The Selective to unveil its kitchen sets, sinks and decorative surfaces at architect’22

In the world of product design, Japan is among the leading countries with unique creations, acing both the simple aesthetic and functional aspects.

sanwacompany is one of the companies whose products are designed and developed by a design team from Japan, paying great attention to every detail to ensure that the products meet the requirements for various applications and can be decorated for limitless possibilities.

As well as MYKA, high-quality decorative surface presented by The Selective, whose Japanese-quality manufacturing technology brings about high-quality products.

Kitchen and sink sets from sanwacompany

Sency is a kitchen set which artfully makes full use of the materials, making the worktop and sides as thin as possible with steel and stainless-steel. The painting technique allows the striking high-quality matt texture to shine through. Thanks to a specific bending process, which results in a 5 mm frame, users can be ensured of its safety.

Estico This minimalistic sink set will protect you from viruses and bacteria with SIAA-certified melamine for exquisitely assembled door, top board, and side panel.

Osso whose simple and sophisticated design makes this kitchen set resembles a stainless-steel island with minimalistic use. Its compositional freedom allows you to arrange it according to your lifestyle. With the perfect design, material and details, this kitchen set with stainless-steel top and frame ensures ease of cleaning and maintenance, keeping your kitchen clean and protected.

Grad 45 combines functionality with beauty in this high-quality stainless-steel kitchen set, giving a high-class look, distinctive with a 45-degree cuts with intricate stainless-steel welding, matched with the simple and minimalistic design, allowing more possibilities for different space arrangements.

Cara This ultra-thin edge sink countertop set reveals the sophisticated craftsmanship of Japanese metal processing in both welding and plating. Great performance in wet areas with both organic and inorganic coating at the base stainless steel and smooth surface design. The matte monotone texture adds modern taste to the space and open shelf provides a neat storage for bath items.‎ 

Decorative surfaces from The Selective

MYKA Interior Film Decorative film for interior spaces, made from polyolefin with Japanese high-definition printing quality.  MYKA’s interior film’s flexibility renders it perfect for a versatility of applications, all the while is scratch resistant and waterproof.

MYKA Louver Despite its board-like and louver-like appearance, MYKA Louver’s decorative surface made of aluminum is PVC-free, looks and feels like real wood. With is light weight, low cost, less waste, easy to install properties, and even more vivid color than genuine wood, MYKA Louver is perfect for both internal and external decorations such as wall, roof, handrail, cladding, garage door etc. Creating the warmth of wood-like atmosphere to your place with easy installation.

Daijai Daijai Company Limited was established in 2010 by a group of young architects with a desired goal of developing real estate with a professional team that prioritizes construction quality, safety, cost-effectiveness and on-time delivery, made possible by the cooperation between the finance and design teams because “your satisfaction is our success”.

Check out Japanese quality products from sanwacompany and The Selective only at architect’22

Experience kitchen sets, sinks and decorative surfaces from sanwacompany and The Selective at booth no. F602/1 at architect’22, the 34th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during April 26 – May 1, 2022 at Challenger Hall, Impact Muang Thong Thani. 

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