“Marine Litter” Is it a waste or a material awaiting creative design?

It is true that waste is a major source of negative consequences such as environmental degradation and marine pollution. However, this is only when garbage is dumped in the wrong place, such as shoe litter dropped in the sea.

But what else could the garbage possibly be? The Tlejorn Project, which produces a garbage shoe out of waste marine trash converted into useful materials for shoe manufacturing, is best fit to answer this question.

Marine litter has the potential to be used as a design material.

Tlejorn is a project that was established to add value to marine shoe waste. Tlejorn recognizes marine shoe waste as a potential resource for future production. Trash Hero Volunteer Network gathered marine shoe waste to compress and form with extrusion science at Prince of Songkla University’s Department of Rubber and Polymer Technology, where Dr. Natthaphong Nithiuthai, the founder of the Tlejorn Project, teaches, collaborating with the craftsmanship of a housewives’ group in Klong Maning Subdistrict, Mueang District, Pattani Province. Tlejorn recycles marine shoe waste into sandals, generating additional revenue for the community.

As a result, this clearly proves that the potential benefits of marine shoe litter can be transformed into valuable products.

Dr. Natthaphong Nithiuthai has previously used a wide range of materials, including rubber wheels, shoes, and plastic bottles, prior to the establishment of the Tlejorn Project, the goal of which is to add value to industrial waste and reduce waste material. It had previously been produced as a rubber floor mat covering the playground before being produced as garbage shoes for this project.

Design to fit local cultures

Khun Pakorn U-Dee of INLY STUDIO uses cement, steel and wood as primary materials for the construction of his one-storey house in modern Lanna style in Chiang Mai province.

This house’s design concept is influenced by both Lanna and Japanese architecture by bringing nature as close as possible. This sparked the idea of using local wood, roof tile, and old brick to create a natural atmosphere.

Even though he performs a number of modern Lanna architectures, he does not adhere to the existing “Local architecture.” In his opinion, the term “Local” is dependent on the context surrounding the design.

If the architecture is designed and built in the south, the people’s way of life and culture may also lead to “Modern Southern Thailand.”

Visitors to Architect Expo 2022 will be able to see the creative architectures contributed by a collaboration between the founder of environmental projects from the South and the architect from the North, despite the fact that they may appear unconnected.

In terms of the co-creation outcomes, how will the design philosophies be used or what materials will be used to create such creative installations? You should have the opportunity to experience it yourselves.

Cross-culture, Cross-professional

Professional Collaboration Exhibition is a part of Architect Expo 2022 that showcases the “Co-creation” works of architects and creators from various fields of professionals. On the other hand, it is a “Co-with creators” working process of Khun Pakorn U-Dee and Dr. Natthaphong Nithiuthai, the two creators from different regions.

This is to create a platform to test the hypothesis that collaboration will result in attractive architectural works, as mentioned in the exposition’s concept.

The outcomes may include not only creative works, but also new learning of working processes, such as cross-cultural working styles, which could become the “New normal” that is not limited to the Covid-19 period.

Apart from the collaboration between Pakorn U-Dee and Dr. Natthaphong Nithiuthai, there are many other architects and creators providing innovative and spectacular architectural works, for instance an iPhone photographer and an environmental-oriented architect at Architect Expo 2022 which will take place on 26th April – 1st May, 2022 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. For those who are interested in space reservation, please visit our website at www.ArchitectExpo.com/2022/space-reservation/ or contact us at +66 02-717-2477 and [email protected]

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