Artistically decorate the floor to reflect nature with ROCOCO

     In an era where laminate is the most popular material for decorating floors and walls, from the need to discover new flooring materials to fulfill and solve a variety of issues, all of this culminates in the ROCOCO brand, vinyl flooring of French standard quality by M-RICH CORPORATION CO., LTD. Today, we have sat down and had a chat with Khun Worapon Phanabuddhraksa, ROCOCO Director, M-Rich Corporation Company Limited, to delve into every secret of artistic floor decoration and take us all on a journey of this innovation.

Art of Flooring: Unique art in ROCOCO style

     ROCOCO is a type of art with delicate, exquisite and intricate outlook, presented through harmony and unity. This renders the brand unique in terms of product selection and colors. When put into use, it will reflect nature.

     Apart from that, details in the work, providing correct information, customer service and consideration of all parties involved are the aim and aspiration that ROCOCO adheres to at the core of its operations. The definition that reflects the brand is TRUST, COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER and SUSTAINABILITY.

SUSTAINABILITY: Developing towards sustainability in the ROCOCO style

     ROCOCO reveals that sustainability has always been a priority for the brand, from selecting alternative materials for natural ones or choosing innovations that help reduce work processes to save time which is part of development towards sustainability. ROCOCO features a work plan to develop all business partners to grow together.

Adapting to evolving needs and markets

     When the market opens up, not only local brands compete against each other, with imported products come endless options. For ROCOCO, this is seen as a market mechanism that must occur. Every company must prepare to cope and adapt by increasing their quality of products and services to perfection. If successful, it is the products from abroad that will have to adapt to be compatible with local ones.

     Presently, consumers can decide for themselves what is good or appropriate by comparing various information. The presence of imported products is not without advantages because it creates awareness in the market and creates more overall demand. Every brand must develop to create new products to meet the constantly changing needs of consumers. Adapting their products to suit consumers may be an even bigger issue than the coming of imported products.

Why is ROCOCO interesting in Architect’24

     Architect Expo is the country’s top event that brings together designers, business owners, contractors and real estate developers to discover and achieve new things for continuous development. This allows people in the cycle, both suppliers and customers, to benefit together.

To be known and develop the design industry

     Since 2012, the brand has participated in the Architect Expo, which opens doors to new designers, business owners and those interested in ROCOCO’s products, both Thais and foreigners. It is an event that brings together people with love for design and architecture. It is a place for meeting, talking and knowledge sharing. This group of people tends to be those who drive the architecture industry forward.

     The ROCOCO brand is therefore hoping to be a part in the development of the industry, as well as to be known and well-received by visitors of the expo to deliver products and services to everyone, including never-before-seen innovation with new colors and patterns. With a double booth size than last year, ROCOCO wishes everyone to visit the booth, with latest products that you won’t be disappointed.

     Explore interesting flooring material which creates unique colors from ROCOCO at booth No. F106 at Architect’24, the 36thASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.