Widen your perspective to enhance the quality of life with aluminum fenestration solutions from YKK AP at Architect’24

On the days when the weather affects the quality of life, serene and dreamy scenery inevitably influences the emotional well-being. Selection of quality products to improve the quality of life is something too delicate to describe.

With said issue in mind, we would like to pass on the perspective woven into this interview from a high-quality product brand. The conversation was recorded at the showroom of YKK AP, a brand of aluminum doors and windows imported from Japan, with Khun Thananporn Thanomsirisilp (General Manager).

Build a better society by offering high-quality products

     “We have a motto: We build a better society through architectural products. Our company strives to build a better society by offering good products to the public.”

     The motto mentioned by Khun Thananporn is appropriate as the opening sentence of this interview, to be consistent with the first paragraph that we talked about quality of life and products. In Architect’23, there must have been quite a few readers who had the opportunity to walk in and experience the innovation of aluminum doors and windows imported from Japan at YKK AP’s booth and were impressed.

     In Architect’24, YKK AP will return to the Architect Expo. But will there be anything to surprise us? The conversation that follows, we think, might give us some hints.

Develop and adapt to accommodate differences

     Having a diverse group of customers including homeowners, designers, developers, and contractors means that what they have in common is the desire to create a good quality of life from quality doors and windows. This shared vision allows YKK AP to develop products to comprehensively meet the needs of various customer groups.

     In addition, developing products to suit the weather conditions of the ASEAN region is another issue that the company places great importance on. Along with development to prevent air infiltration, dust, and energy saving as well as the use of digital technology to facilitate living.

     “We have developed a system to suit the weather conditions and the laws of the country. The law specifies the degree that the system should withstand the wind and rain. We have developed this product that will be displayed at Architect’24. It is suitable for the climate of Southeast Asia, which has heavier rainfall than Japan.”

Reduce energy use for sustainability

     After asking about product development to suit the climate of Southeast Asia, in this paragraph, we highlight the issue of sustainability in moving forward with being friendly to the environment.

     “We have also implemented a sustainability strategy, especially using recycled materials, which helps strengthen sustainability and create a good quality of life for consumers.

     YKK AP in Japan also promotes the issue of sustainability. They have built a city called Kurobe Town in Japan. The purpose of building this city is to be a Passive Town or, simply put, a city that reduces energy use with YKK AP’s doors and windows.

     Actually, the factory building at Kurobe in Japan has a façade which allows air to flow into the building to improve ventilation. In winter, they use a two-layer façade, which reduces the cold air from entering the building, which ultimately reduces energy consumption of heater. YKK AP has applied these technologies and concepts to products in the ASEAN region.

     Our products can reduce noise by 25 decibels. There have been trials in product development, which ensure that they are highly suitable for condos and projects along skytrain line.”

Architect’24: a space for revealing YKK AP’s identity

     “We expect to expand and build our brand awareness, as we are relatively new in the market. We want architects to know us better, not only in Bangkok but also other provinces. We expect that there will be more visitors than before.”

     What follows is a hint from YKK AP to reveal special highlights to be seen at Architect’24.

     “At Architect’24, we want everyone to experience doors and windows manufactured with Japanese technology. It has a waterproof, soundproof, and dustproof system suitable for preventing PM 2.5, which increases the consumers’ quality of life.”

     Just a short sentence which successfully invites us to have a ball of a time at the Architect’24.

     “I would like to invite both architects, developers, end-users and homeowners. Experience our products, which have been paid with great attention in every step of process and the care and detail of the products presented to the market. These things will be a testament to how they improve the quality of life of consumers.”

     Good quality of life starts with choosing good quality products. These choices are available for your choice from at booth No. D103 at Architect’24, the 36th ASEAN’s Largest Building Technology Exposition during 30 April – 5 May, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.